Sunday, 8 February 2015

Annemarie Börlind | Natural Beauty

Annemarie Börlind is a german family business, that develops and manufactures natural cosmetics.
All the ingredients have very high quality standards and mainly come from organic farming or controlled wild harvesting.
We will tell you more about three products, the Aqua Nature Hyaluronate Moisturizing Cream, the Beauty Pearls and the Natu Repair Detox & DNA Repair Fluid.

The Beauty Pearls (Anti-Pollution & Moisture Serum) is something we have never seen before in a beauty product. They literally look like pearls and if you use the product the serum looks like melted pearls. The pearly shimmer is not visible on the skin after applying it.
The consistence of the serum is very soft and a bit like a gel and it feels like silk on the skin.
We like the scent very much, it is fresh and a bit sweet.
The serum moisturizes and protects the skin against negative environmental influences and free radicals.
Not only the look but also the feeling of the beauty pearls is very luxurious and a special treat for the skin.

The Aqua Nature Hyaluronate Moisturizing Cream is very nourishing and (as the name says) moisturizing for the skin. The scent is very discreet, we think it smells similar to a freshly cut cucumber.
The cream leaves the skin nourished and with a soft film, without being sticky or heavy on the skin.
Especially now in the winter with the dry air in heated rooms the cream is perfect for us to keep the skin healthy and prevent skin dryness. Only after using it a few times dry parts of the skin are visibly reduced. The cream can be used in the morning and in the evening and is also perfect as a base before putting on make-up.

The Natu Repair Detox & DNA-Repair Fluid is a new product from Annemarie Börlind.
It has a very special scent, a bit woody, for us it just smells like nature. It helps stressed skin repair and protects against UV-induced stress.
We like the texture of the Fluid, as it is very soft and when massaging it into the skin it really feels like there is something underneath your fingers, and not just a fluid that disappears immediately.
This also gives us the feeling of having a protective coat on the skin all day long.
As the name says, the fluid also has a detoxifying effect on the skin, as it promotes the breakdown and removal of damaged proteins in the skin cells.
If required you can use a day or night cream afterwards but for us it is not necessary as it is nourishing enough.

The three products we have been using are completely different but each in its own way very special, depending on your skin condition and what type of product you are looking for.
The philosophy and the values of Annemarie Börlind are also very important to us and we are convinced by the quality and effectiveness of the products.

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