Sunday, 4 January 2015

Robert & Josiane – natural cosmetics

Robert & Josiane are a swiss couple, who created their own range of natural cosmetic products.
Their products are made from selected natural ingredients only and provide you with everything you need for a beautiful and healthy skin and hair.

All of the products are specially developed by Robert & Josiane and are made in their own unique style, from the packaging to the ingredients and the scent.
The Robert & Josiane products are vegan and carry the NATRUE certification.
All products can be used by men and women.

We have used three of their products for a while and we think they are absolutely fantastic.

The Unter dem Wasserfall (under the waterfall) shower gel is refreshing and exhilarant and with the scent of rosemary and lime it leaves the skin purified and fresh.

The Wunder-Bar (wonder-bar) is a bar made from cacao- and sheabutter with the scent of rock rose and cedar. The bars surface melts when it touches the skin and it can be used as a massage bar or to nourish body and face.
It is perfectly for the winter time, when the skin is dry and strained.
We like the scent of the wonder-bar, it is very fresh and the wonder-bar leaves the skin soft and nourished.

The Morgentau (morning dew) refreshing tonic is our favourite of these three products, as we absolutely love the scent of it. It contains rose and orange blossom water and is very comfortable on the skin. It leaves the skin perfectly clean and refreshed.

What we like very much is that the description on the products is very creative and almost a bit poetic. It is one of the little details that make us like the brand Robert & Josiane even more.
It's the whole package we think is fantastic – the look, the quality and the effectiveness of the products.
Together with the only natural ingredients and the brands values, Robert & Josiane represents everything that is important to us in cosmetics.

For more information and to see the complete range of products, visit the official website. (german)

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