Saturday, 31 January 2015

Product of the month: Paul Mitchell | NEURO Dry

We have started the new year with an incredible new beauty tool:
Already when we opened our package we had the first WOW-moment:

On the box of the NEURO Dry is a neon picture that looks like an x-ray of the hairdryer:

The picture is an absolute eyecatcher and we immediately thought that this hairdryer will be something really special.

The NEURO Dry comes with a concentrator nozzle and a collapsible silicone diffuser.
The haidryer has a rubber coating, which gives it a matte finish that looks very stylish and is protective. It feels very soft and smooth when you touch it and makes it non-slip.
The NEURO Dry has an on off button and two buttons to regulate it.
The little display shows you the heat and power settings and also shows you when you have to clean the filter.

We have been using the hairdryer for a few weeks now and we are absolutely amazed by it!
Beside the really stylish design – which we love – the results when we use it are fantastic!
It dries the hair gently and leaves it smooth and soft with a beautiful shine.
Also the NEURO Dry reduces frizz and adds a beautiful, natural volume to the hair.
The cool shot button helps to fix the hair when you are done styling it.

We are completely convinced by the NEURO dry and would not want to miss it, which is why we have chosen it to be our first product of the month in 2015!


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