Saturday, 31 January 2015

Product of the month: Paul Mitchell | NEURO Dry

We have started the new year with an incredible new beauty tool:
Already when we opened our package we had the first WOW-moment:

On the box of the NEURO Dry is a neon picture that looks like an x-ray of the hairdryer:

The picture is an absolute eyecatcher and we immediately thought that this hairdryer will be something really special.

The NEURO Dry comes with a concentrator nozzle and a collapsible silicone diffuser.
The haidryer has a rubber coating, which gives it a matte finish that looks very stylish and is protective. It feels very soft and smooth when you touch it and makes it non-slip.
The NEURO Dry has an on off button and two buttons to regulate it.
The little display shows you the heat and power settings and also shows you when you have to clean the filter.

We have been using the hairdryer for a few weeks now and we are absolutely amazed by it!
Beside the really stylish design – which we love – the results when we use it are fantastic!
It dries the hair gently and leaves it smooth and soft with a beautiful shine.
Also the NEURO Dry reduces frizz and adds a beautiful, natural volume to the hair.
The cool shot button helps to fix the hair when you are done styling it.

We are completely convinced by the NEURO dry and would not want to miss it, which is why we have chosen it to be our first product of the month in 2015!

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Nescens – swiss anti aging science

Nescens is a swiss brand that is very fascinating for us.
In this case "Swiss" means completely swiss, as everything from developing to the production and also the packaging comes from Switzerland.
The Nescens products are born of the expertise of the Centre for the Prevention of Aging at the Clinique de Grenolier in Switzerland.
Nescens does not test on animals.
All of the Nescens products stimulate and improve the skin's own functions to help keep it young, healthy and beautiful.
They are like an energy boost for your skin!
There are 12 Nescens products and we tell you a bit more about three of them.

The primary solution is a toner that you use before the actual face cream. It purifies the skin and leaves it smooth and refreshed and perfectly prepared for the following products.
The primary solution is very refreshing and comfortable on the skin.

The Anti-Rhytid Formula with L-Fucose is a fundamental anti-aging cream for the eye contour area.
It smoothens existing wrinkles and hydrates and nourishes the skin intensely.
That way it rejuvenates the eye contour and keeps the skin healthy and firm.
It has an immediate optical effect that we think is incredible, the eye contour area looks smooth, awake and radiant already after the first us.

The Lipid-Replenishing and Repairing Preparation is an anti-aging hand cream. The hands are the part of the body that is exposed to the sun almost the whole day, we use them all of the time and that way the skin is very stressed. The Nescens hand cream helps rejuvenate the skin and visibly corrects the clinical signs of aging. It leaves the skin nourished and hydrated.
Also the hand cream has an immediate optical effect as the skin looks smooth and feels very soft.

Already at the age of 25 one can start to use anti-aging products, as it is easier to keep the skin young and healthy from the beginning than to rejuvenate it when it already has signs of aging.
For us it is very important to keep our body and skin healthy, one part is to use highquality and mostly natural products but the other part comes from the inside, what you ingest, to eat healthy and to drink a lot of water and tea, and of course protect the skin from the sun, avoid smoking and drinking too much alcohol.

For the complete product range and more information on the products, visit the official website.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Streetstyle | Paris

Vincent Frederic, Paris

Anne & Samuel, Paris

Camillo, Paris

Clara, Paris

Marguerite, Paris

Markus, Paris

ZoƩ, Paris

...more streetstyles coming soon...

Friday, 16 January 2015

Dr. Hauschka | Foundation

We have tested the new Dr. Hauschka foundation that will be available in stores and online from the 15th February 2015.

The foundation is available in 5 different nuances, macadamia (01), almond (02), chestnut (03), hazelnut 04) and nutmeg (05).

The foundation is very easy to apply and blends with your skin tone perfectly. It covers spots and blemishes and makes the skin look even and fresh.
What we like very much is the scent of the foundation and that it is not sticky, it soaks into the skin quickly.
The scent is slightly fruity and a bit powdery, very comfortable and not intrusive, what we think is very important for a product that you use on your face and therefore smell.
When you remove it the skin underneath feels very soft and nourished.
As it is very natural it can also be used by men.

The new Dr. Hauschka foundation is our favourite foundation product right now and we will definitely continue to use it!

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Robert & Josiane – natural cosmetics

Robert & Josiane are a swiss couple, who created their own range of natural cosmetic products.
Their products are made from selected natural ingredients only and provide you with everything you need for a beautiful and healthy skin and hair.

All of the products are specially developed by Robert & Josiane and are made in their own unique style, from the packaging to the ingredients and the scent.
The Robert & Josiane products are vegan and carry the NATRUE certification.
All products can be used by men and women.

We have used three of their products for a while and we think they are absolutely fantastic.

The Unter dem Wasserfall (under the waterfall) shower gel is refreshing and exhilarant and with the scent of rosemary and lime it leaves the skin purified and fresh.

The Wunder-Bar (wonder-bar) is a bar made from cacao- and sheabutter with the scent of rock rose and cedar. The bars surface melts when it touches the skin and it can be used as a massage bar or to nourish body and face.
It is perfectly for the winter time, when the skin is dry and strained.
We like the scent of the wonder-bar, it is very fresh and the wonder-bar leaves the skin soft and nourished.

The Morgentau (morning dew) refreshing tonic is our favourite of these three products, as we absolutely love the scent of it. It contains rose and orange blossom water and is very comfortable on the skin. It leaves the skin perfectly clean and refreshed.

What we like very much is that the description on the products is very creative and almost a bit poetic. It is one of the little details that make us like the brand Robert & Josiane even more.
It's the whole package we think is fantastic – the look, the quality and the effectiveness of the products.
Together with the only natural ingredients and the brands values, Robert & Josiane represents everything that is important to us in cosmetics.

For more information and to see the complete range of products, visit the official website. (german)