Friday, 25 December 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

Merry tropical Christmas!
We will be back in 2016, full of creative energy!

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

KORRES | wild rose 24-hour moisturizing & brightening cream

KORRES is a greek manufacturer of hair, body and face care products with highly concentrated natural active ingredients. The wild rose 24-hour moisturizing & brightening cream is a cream for oily to combination skin, that evens the skin tone and offers a matte finish. The lightweight cream contains wild rose oil which is rich in vitamin C and repairs fine lines and skin discolorations.

The cream has a soft scent of roses and as it is very light it spreads easy on the skin. The skin feels moisturized and nourished and very soft.
It feels like a thin protective film is on the skin, without it feeling heavy or sticky.
We especially like how the cream absorbs oiliness and therefore reduces the shine, especially during the day we really like the mattifying effect.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

EviDenS de Parfums | L'Eau Parfumée No. 4

EviDenS de Parfums has a range of exquisite perfumes and we have the Eau Parfumée No. 4.
The first thing we noticed is the beautiful and very elegant flacon, black and gold are timeless and classy colours and the red tassel makes the flacon very decorative.
What is very special about the fragrance is the light and soft mist when applying it. Compared to other perfumes where the skin feels moist for a moment, this perfume is rather like a wonderfully scented soft breeze enveloping the body gently.
The scent of No. 4 reminds us of a fresh flower bouquet, it has scents of jasmine, lily-of the-valley and roses and bergamot and mulberry.
We think it is an amazingly unique scent, it is long lasting and not heavy and reminds us of spring flowers and sunshine.

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Lavera | organic Orange & Sea buckthorn hand cream

The lavera organic orange & sea buckthorn hand has a very fresh and almost a bit summery scent, which we think is very pleasant now during the cold winter days, as we eat a lot of citrus fruits to stay healthy and strengthen our immune system. The cream is very rich and leaves the skin soft and nourished, protecting it from the cold winter air. It soaks into the skin very quickly and doesn't leave the hands sticky.
With 50ml the cream has the perfect pocket-size so you can take it with you all the time and whenever the hands feel dry you can use it and instantly feel the difference.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Lindt HELLO Emojis

The Lindt HELLO Emojis are a new and especially delicious way to show your emotions.
Rather than the Emojis we use online every day these are made from the most delicious milk chocolate by Lindt.
The Emojis come with a little sticker on the back and can be attached to any surface.
We love to stick them to cards, little gifts or even on the desk of a friend, just to say hello and make someone smile.
We all know that chocolate makes you happy but with these you will smile before even starting to eat.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

World Aids Day 2015

The first December 2015 is world aids day. Aids is still a very current topic and it is very important to be safe as we all only have one life.
The red ribbon shows that we stand together for everyone affected by aids and to show that we are all equal, no matter the colour of the skin or the health situation.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Theater Basel | Der gestiefelte Kater (puss in boots)

Puss in boots plays now at the Theater Basel, a fairy tale by the Grimm brothers everyone knows. But puss in boots is definitely not just something for kids, but also for adults.
The millers cat wants to help his master and all he needs to accomplish his plans is a pair of boots. After receiving these the smart cat tricks the king into believing his master is not a miller but a lord and therefore a perfect candidate for marrying his daughter, the bored princess.
The play is very entertaining, the actors are great and we love the way the story is told on one constantly shifting and changing stage with some of the actors even playing different characters.
The puss in boots program does not come as a booklet but as a big sheet with a cat mask, crown and many more to wear for the young and for those young at heart.

Aaron Hitz as CAT
Dominique Müller as HANS
Vincent Leittersdorf as POET / KING
Leonie Merlin Young as PRINCESS
Andresas Bächli as TECHNICIAN
Dominik Blumer, Florian Grupp as MUSICIANS

production: Matthias Grupp
stage: Fabian Nichele
costume: Eva Butzkies
choreography: Bea Nichele-Wiggli
music: Florian Grupp, Dominik Blumer
dramatic composition: Sabrina Hofer, Ueli Blum

picture © Sandra Then

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Salto Natale | Traumfänger (Dreamcatcher) 2015

The name of this years Salto Natale is Dreamcatcher. Inspired by the indian legend of  dreamcatchers, Salto Natale inspires the viewers to live their dreams, which we think is a beautiful message for a pre-christmas circus.
It was an incredible show and the acts are brilliant, we love how detailed the costumes are and how Salto Natale always manages to take us to an other, fascinating world.

Guiding through the show is a group of dancers, and among them a man in a wheelchair.
Obviously his dream is to leave the wheelchair behind just for a little while, and in "Dreamcatcher" everything is possible.

From dreamy, emotional acts, or spectacular fast and powerful ones, to the hillarious Swiss comedy duo "Sutter & Pfändler" there is everything in the magnificent show.

Salto Natale Dreamcatcher plays in Zurich (Kloten) until the 3rd January 2016.

Catalina Palma Aguirre

Cat Wall Acrobats

Duo Olya & Denys

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Argan Beauty | Green Tea Body Cream

The Swiss brand Argan Beauty has extended their product range by a rich body cream with argan oil in two wonderful scents, green tea and 1001 nights.
We have used the green tea body cream and we love the scent, it is very light and a bit sweet, reminding us of a freshly brewed cup of green tea with honey.
The cream soaks into the skin very quickly, leaving it nourished, refreshed and soft, providing the necessary care and hydration for the skin.
As usually the cream comes in a Moroccan style pot with a tassle in a matching colour, which we think is a beautiful contrast to the rather minimalist label.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Annemarie Börlind | vernissage of scents

We have used many different Annemarie Börlind products and beside their efficiency they all have one thing in common: they have a wonderful scent.
It is always the hardest part for us to describe the scent of a cream because it is a very subjective perception. Is the scent floral, soft, strong, intense, tender, fruity, woody, spicy?
Annemarie Börlind has now dedicated a series of photographs to the scents of their products.
We think this is a wonderful idea because for most people it is easier to remember a picture than an exact scent but the association to the product will always remain.

AQUANATURE care series

ENERGYNATURE care series

FOR MEN care series


picture © Frank Burkhard

Theater Basel | Die Ereignisse (the happenings)

We visited the premiere of "the happenings" at the Theater Basel, a play that already preoccupied us in advance because we did not know what to expect from it.
The subject of the play was Breiviks attack in Norway in 2011 and the fundamental question of whether if it is possible to understand why someone turns into an assassin.
Central in the play is not the attack itself but the impacts it had on one person (Claire, played by Inga Eickemeier) who survived it. She tries to find answers to the question "why" and gets caught up in a whirlpool of emotions and memories, also affecting her private live.
Elias Eilinghoff plays many different roles, such as Claires girlfriend, the assassins father, and the assassin himself.
The play is accompanied by a choir, singing songs, sometimes as background music, sometimes as part of the plot.
For us it was once again incredible how the actors played, especially the switching between the different roles – and therefore completely different emotions – was very impressive and captivating.
It is a very difficult subject to deal with in a play and in "the happenings" for us they manage to confront the visitor without shocking him too much and therefore the play can be very thought-provoking.

Inga Eickemeier
Elias Eilinghoff

piano: Stephen Delaney

production: Daniela Kranz
musical direction: Stephen Delaney
music: John Browne
dramatic composition: Sabrina Hofer

picture © Simon Hallström

Thursday, 19 November 2015

H&M STUDIO S/S 2016 preview

We got a preview of the H&M STUDIO Spring / Summer 2016 collection.
The first thing that crossed our mind when we saw the collection was "free spirit".
The collection reminds us of a long, adventurous summer, the feeling of a sea breeze on the skin and of a journey into the unknown.
Beside the natural linen colour the colours are very strong and sunbleached and the patterns are wild and lively.
The collection is functional but still stylish and conveys a positive attitude of live.
What we like very much are the earthy tones and the bohemian touch of the collection.
From the mens collection we like the edgy silhouettes and the loose cuts.
The mustard yellow can be combined with dark colours as well as with brighter ones and adds colour to every look.
The collection will be available from February 18th 2016 in selected stores only.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Monday, 16 November 2015

Product of the month: REWINED candle

We are very passionate about candles and discovering new and unique brands, because we always love to have a little light burning at our place. This is why we have chosen this candle as our product of the month November 2015.
We recently discovered REWINED, a brand that creates candles from soy wax that is hand poured into vessels of recycled wine bottles. All the candles are made in the USA and the scents are wine-inspired, like Pinot Noir (on the picture), Champagne, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and many more.
We love the idea of repurposing a wine bottle to create candles, because what could be more comfortable than a good bottle of wine and candlelight on a winter evening?
We really like the scents as they remind us of wines and are very tender.
We also think the label of the candle is very beautiful, it has a vintage-y touch and the seal makes it very noble.
The candle will burn for up to 80 hours and once it is empty the bottle can be cleaned and re-used for example as a candleholder or as a vase.

Saturday, 14 November 2015


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Friday, 13 November 2015

Theater Basel | Edward II. Die Liebe bin ich (Edward II. I am love)

Edward II. I am love. is a play by Ewald Palemtshofer after Christopher Marlowe.
After his fathers death, Edward II becomes king, a king who lives a loose and careless life. With little interest in politics and the promotion of his kingdom, all king Edward II cares about is to bring back his outcast lover Gaveston. Upon his return, the king gives him power, titles and every possible right in the kingdom. 
The kings nobles, just as the queen and the bishop are not very pleased with Gavestons return and force the king to agree to exile him again.
The queen, who sees the king devastated by these events, convinces Mortimer to help her bring Gaveston back, to eventually kill him.

Florian von Manteuffel (who was supposed to play PEER #1) dropped out one week before the premiere because of an injury and Florian Jahr filled in for him. It was not noticeable for the audience that this was not the original cast, as all the actors were brilliant and Florian Jahr fit in perfectly.
It is the story of a love-crazed king, unable (and unwilling) to carry out his duty as a king, a story of love, betrayal and power.
For us it was an emotional and very captivating play and the actors were brilliant.

Florian Jahr as PEER #1
Elias Eilinghoff as PEER #2 / SPENCER
Thomas Reisinger as PEER #3 / bishop
Michael Wächter as MORTIMER
Thiemo Strutzenberger as GAVESTON
Simon Zagermann as KING EDWARD II.
Myriam Schröder as QUEEN ISABELLA
Emmanuel Kazis, Noah Zanolari as PRINCE EDWARD

production: Nora Schlocker
stage: Marie Roth
costume: Sanna Dembowski
dramatic composition: Constanze Kargl

picture © Alexi Pelekanos

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Hotel de Londres Brig Switzerland

This year we have the most beautiful fall weather, perfect for a weekend trip to one of the many beautiful places in Switzerland.
Last weekend we spent a night at the newly reopened boutique design Hotel de Londres in Brig.
Under the slogan "at home with friends" the Hotel de Londres combines the Valais tradition and rural charme with the English design, creating a cozy and stylish at-home atmosphere in which one feels comfortable from the first minute.
We loved the "at home with friends-concept" from the first minute, it does not only reflect in the interior design and decoration but also in the meals, every meal was cooked with love and attention to detail, it was more like a family dinner than one of these impersonal always-the-same hotel meals.
We had a wonderful time at the Hotel de Londres and whenever we need a hotel in the area or just want to get away from the day-to-day stress we would definitely go back.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

ghd platinum professional styler black

We have been looking for a new styler for our styling-projects and our personal use and so we have tested the ghd platinum styler lately.
With the tri-zone technology the ghd platinum styler's heat is safer for the hair as it is delivered evenly and constantly. Three different sensors in each plate ensure that a constant temperature is maintained.
Of course we still use heat protection before we start with the styling.

Already after using it for the first time we could tell the difference to other stylers we have used so far. The ghd platinum styler has a very elegant and professional look and when you turn it on you hear a sound and the button starts to flash. As soon as it stops flashing and just glows there is another sound and the styler is heated up, which takes not even half a minute, so it is ready to use very quickly.
Another thing we think is great is that the styler will turn off automatically after 30 minutes, wich makes it safer in case you should forget to turn it off once.
The silver part at the bottom, the wishbone hinge, makes the handling of the styler effortless as it holds the plates in perfect alignment so they open and close very gently.
As the heat is evenly distributed the styling process is easier and quicker, the styler lies well in the hand and glides effortlessly through the hair. When you finish the hair is very smooth and has a beautiful shine.
For us the ghd platinum professional styler is the perfect tool to style our hair without damaging it. With the styler we can create any style, an edgy straight look or beautiful curls within a short time.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Droste Laux | muscle relaxing oil

The Droste Laux muscle relaxing oil is the perfect addition to the Droste Laux Alkaline Gemstone Bath. The bath itself has no scent so if you add a few drops of the oil it has a wonderful fresh and stimulating scent and a relaxing effect on the muscles.
The oil can be used for massages and is effective through heat and evaporative cooling and relieves muscle pain or headaches.
We like how it feels on the skin, when first applied it feels very warm and after a while it has a rather cooling effect and the effect of the oil seems to go through the skin straight into the muscle relaxing it deeply.
The Droste Laux muscle relaxing oil is a 100% natural product.