Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Christmas Tattoo | Basel 2014

We went to see the premiere of this years Christmas Tattoo in Basel.
It was a fantastic show, full of magnificent acts and unique a spectacle of all different kinds of music, dance and culture.
Two of our favourite acts were the acapella band A-Live (Switzerland) with an incredible singing performance, and La fanfare du 27eme Bataillon de Chasseurs Alpins (France), with a mix of traditional military sound and modern pop music in a very entertaining show. (pictures will follow)
What we liked very much was the stage design, it was very christmassy and created a mysterious and enchanting atmosphere.

The Christmas Tattoo plays in Basel from the 10th - 13th December 2014 and it is definitely worth a visit.
For more information and to get your tickets, visit the official website.

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