Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Argan Beauty | body wash and body oil

Argan Beauty is a Swiss brand with products that contain the precious native argan oil from Marocco.
All of the Argan products are 100% natural and organic and don't contain any chemical additives. This and also the fact that the production is sustainable and fairtrade, are both characteristics that are very important to us concerning the choice of the products we use.
The argan oil has many good qualities that are very good for your hair and skin, it protects the skin from free radicals and helps keep it young and healthy. The products can be used for any skin or hair type.

We have used the lavender body wash and the pampelmousse body oil.
What we like about the products is the very natural scent. It is very intense, but not too strong if you only use a small amount, you don't need much anyways.

The body wash is incredibly soft and the foam is very pleasant on the skin.
Using it you feel like you are standing in the middle of a lavender field and it leaves the skin nourished, healthy and soft.

The body oil can also be used as a treatment for the hair or a massage oil. Also the texture of the body oil is very soft and the skin immediately feels nourished, without the oil leaving a greasy film on the skin.

There is also an argan body lotion we have not tried yet and all the products are available in many different scents.
Newly added to the line is a balancing balancing shampoo and conditioner.
You can see the complete product range on the official website (german).

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