Thursday, 13 November 2014

Pathé Basel | Movie Night | 14.11.2014

This friday, the 14th November 2014, there is a special event – the movie night – at the Pathé cinema in Basel!

The movie night starts at 6pm and ends the next morning at 6am with a delicious breakfast.
With only one ticket, you can choose between 21 different movies during these 12 hours.

We are looking forward to the movie night and we have already chosen which movies we want to go see.
We think the movie night is a unique experience and the chance to go see several movies in one night at a reasonable price. The program still allows us to be spontaneous, because some of the movies even play more than once.

For the complete list of movies and more information on the movie night, visit the Pathé website.


We had a great night at the Movie Night in Basel! With the program (we already knew in advance), we were able to plan exactly which movies we want to see, and that way we could watch one movie after the other without big breaks in between.
The movie night offered the perfect mix between new movies and old classics, so there is something for everyone.

Movie Night – for the night-owls amongst us

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