Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Mercedes Benz Fashion Days Zurich | November 12th – 15th 2014

Today the Mercedes Benz Fashion Days 2014 in Zurich started and we were there!
During four days, the Spring / Summer 2015 collections from national and international designers are going to be presented and you can see the latest fashion trends in an amazing atmosphere.

Tonight was the opening night of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Days in Zurich, with the fantastic collections of Max Mara, Bibhu Mohapatra, Julian Zigerli, Lala Berlin and Lug von Siga.
Our favourite show was Lala Berlin, we think her fashion is extraordinary and all the pieces are very unique.

Before the show we went backstage and got to look behind the scenes of the fashion show. 

Also we had a chat with Jana Scheel, Event & Trainer Manager and Vice Senior President of Paul Mitchell, who told us about the Do's and Don'ts for the 2015 hairstyles: 
in 2015 the trend goes back to a more natural and neat but still well styled look. Women's hair look best when you wear it open, with a natural shine and a natural parting. The pastel colors will still remain as a trend in the next season. Something you have to say goodbye to is the ombré look, strong highlights and the undercut.
Men's hairstyles are going to be more masculine, which means strong cuts and shorter hair with a more casual look.
But she also told us, that the hair trends are strongly influenced by what happens around the world, and the different cultures, so we might still be surprised by some unexpected hairstyle-trends in 2015.

These are some of our favourite looks from the show:
Lala Berlin: The oversized Jeans jacket with the embellishments on the back and over the shoulders is one of our favourite pieces!

Lala Berlin: The Shoes are very stylish with the slight plateau and the leather straps and we love the look with the rolled up ankle jeans!

Bibhu Mohapatra: The wedding dress was breathtakingly beautiful with the sparkling details.

Lug von Siga: This look has a glamourous underground chic we think is very fashionable.

It was a fantastic night full of interesting people and magnificent fashion and we are looking forward to the next show!

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