Friday, 7 November 2014

Lindt HELLO Xmas 2014

The Xmas collection by Lindt's HELLO is deliciously tempting and beautifully combines the classic christmas elements with the modern HELLO look.
These are the Lindt HELLO Xmas 2014 products.

The advent calendar has the shape of a skyscraper and is filled with delicious HELLO Lindt chocolate, to sweeten each day in December until christmas!
We think the combination of modern architecture and the traditional advent calendar is very contemporary!

This christmas tree shaped advent calendar is filled with 24 sweets and +1 extra surprise!

Lindt HELLO also offers an alternative to the classic christmas stocking, as this one is already full of sweet temptations and all you have to do, is hang it on a door to surprise someone!

We love this modern chocolate Santa Clause with his black sunglasses!
The design of the wrapping is so special that we think it's a pity to even unwrap it, so you can also use it perfectly as a decoration on your christmas table.

The HELLO xmas cookies and cream are the perfect small present to a christmas dinner.
They also look perfect on a christmas table, as every chocolate is beautifully wrapped in a golden packaging.

 We think that all of these products represent Christmas in their own way.
The Lindt HELLO Xmas chocolate is absolutely delicious and will sweeten up your advent season!

For more information about Lindt HELLO Xmas 2014, or other HELLO products visit the official website!

Thank you very much to Johann Wanner from JOHANN WANNER Christmas House, where we took our beautiful pictures! All the decorating objects you see on the pictures are from JOHANN WANNER. The JOHANN WANNER Christmas House is open during the whole year, and with the magnificent atmosphere and all the beautiful details it can even put you into christmas mood in the middle of June!

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  1. Il periodo di natale é in assuluto il periodo più bello dell'anno! la tranquillità, il mondo sembra fermo... tutte le luci e le decorazioni che fanno brillare gli occhi a grandi e piccoli e smuovono in igniuno di noi tutte le emozioni finora passati, si é in pace con se stessi e con il mondo intorno. apprezzo ogniuno che da ancora valore a queste piccole gioie. grazie per l'idea che mi avete dato di ripassare dalla 'casa di natale' a basilea e tantissimi complimenti per le carinissime foto ccs! xoxo