Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Filabé of Switzerland

We have used our Filabé wipes (essential care and skin clear) for more than four weeks now and are very satisfied with the result.
At first we could not imagine to only use the wipes and it was unfamiliar to "only" use a Filabé wipe and don't use any other product afterwards, but after a few days, our skin got used to the new type of care and felt very soft and clear. 
We were very strict and used only the Filabé wipes in the evening, even to remove the eye make-up.
After four weeks our skin is balanced and smooth and looks and feels healthy and purified.

After four weeks of using the Filabé Essential Care, our skin is very soft and pure and looks and feels healthy.

After four weeks of using the Filabé Skin Clear, our skin is very clear and does have no imperfections.

For us the Filabé Skin Care products are a great alternative to the use of many different skin care products in the evening, which is also an advantage when traveling. With the Filabé wipes you have all the positive effects in one product, which of course also has a positive side effect on the amount of waste and therefore the environment.

What we also like very much is the surface of the wipes, they are very soft but still with a slight peeling effect and leave the skin purified and fresh.
For us the Filabé microfibril wipes are definitely a great innovation in the field of skin care.

For more information on Filabé of Switzerland and the complete range of products visit the official website.

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