Wednesday, 8 October 2014

ROCKY HORROR SHOW Musical | Switzerland | November 2014

We can't wait to go and see the legendary musical "ROCKY HORROR SHOW" by Richard O' Brien's in Basel this November!
The bizarre and humoristic show has attracted millions of viewers since the premiere in 1973.
We think its unbelievable that a musical can still inspire and fascinate people today, as it did back then.

The shrill show combines burlesque, rock 'n' roll music, elements of a drag queen show and theater in one, and that way manages to whisk the viewers away, straight into the world of Brad and Janet, and of course Rocky! 
It is a bizarre but brilliant mix of sincerity and recklessness, that creates the irresistible "ROCKY HORROR SHOW" atmosphere, and that gives the show the certain something that makes it stand out from the crowd of musicals.

The Musical plays as follows:

We will write another post about our impressions from the musical on the 11th November, right after the show.
For more information about "ROCKY HORROR SHOW" Musical and where to get your tickets, visit the website.

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