Sunday, 26 October 2014

Less is More – organic haircare

Less is More is an austrian haircare brand we found out about a few weeks ago and that fascinated us immediately. As it is very important to us, less is more only uses natural and 100% certified organic ingredients for their haircare products, and respect for the environment is as important to them as it is to us.

We have tried the aloe vera mint shampoo and conditioner and the Chitinspray, which is a heat-activated styling spray.

What we immediately loved is the soft and natural scent of the products. Everyone loves it when the hair smells good after washing and styling it, and with these products your hair feels and scents fresh for a very long time.

The texture of the shampoo and the conditioner is very soft and pleasant. We have both used them and it is incredible how refreshed and strong the hair feels and looks after using it.
This refreshed feeling remains until you wash your hair the next time.
The products adds a beautiful natural volume to your hair and is perfect for fine to normal and also for oily hair.

What we like very much is the extraordinary scent of the Chitinspray, it scents of orange flower, rose and sicilian bergamot, which makes it also a fragrance for your hair.
The essential oils have an uplifting, vitalising and mood brightening effect.
The Chitinspray protects your hair from heat and gives it a natural shine and volume.

We are very convinced by the quality and the effectiveness of the less is more products, and if you are looking for an organic and natural haircare brand you should definitely try Less is More products!

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