Monday, 20 October 2014

Filabé of Switzerland – the new art of skin care

Filabé is an innovative skin care product from Switzerland, about which we found out a few weeks ago and that fascinates us very much.
All of the active ingredients are natural and the whole brand is built against the background of consciousness and protecting nature and the environment.
The Filabé products are vegan!
The thought behind the idea was, to create a product that has all the active ingredients needed for perfect skin, without excipients. Also, if you use Filabé, you don't need any other side products (such as cleaning products or extra cremes). You use Filabé and your skin is perfectly clean, refreshed, smooth and nurtured. The positive side effect is, that you only need one product, which means one packaging and that way less damage to the environment.
We are using the Filabé Essential Care and the Filabé Skin Clear and this is our experience with the product so far:

As recommended, we have used Filabé in the evening, and did not use any other products. Even though we could not believe it first, it even removes eye-make-up without irritating the eyes!

Filabé is a patented microfibril wipe, specifically designed for skin care. There are 7 microfibril wipes  for one week, in one package. Once a day, preferably in the evening, lightly moisten the skin care wipe with water. Do not squeeze water from the wipe (or you will loose active ingredients). Gently and evenly massage face with the soft side of the wipe. Use the entire surface of the facial wipe.

What we noticed first, is that the wipes don't have any fragrances at all, they smell completely neutral.
After using it as described we were surprised at how refreshed and vital our skin felt and looked after only using it once! Our skin felt very clear and smooth and well suplied with blood.
After a little while our skin started to feel tight, like when you shower and don't use any products afterwards. But we had this experience only the first two evenings and then it stopped, probably as the skin got used to the new method of care.

We have used it for one week now and we think its absolutely fantastic, it's a completely new method of skin care and so far we are very convinced. Our skin feels very healthy and fresh and we have the feeling that especially during the night, the skin is perfectly nourished but can still breathe.

We will continue to use it for 3 more weeks (4 weeks total), as this is the amount of time the skin needs to completely renew itself, and by then we will see the best results.
We will write another post about our experience and the results after 4 weeks.

Filabé has four different product lines:
Filabé Essential Care
Filabé Skin Clear
Filabé Anti-Aging
Filabé Whitening

For more information on Filabé and the different products
visit the official website.

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