Friday, 17 October 2014

Circus Ohlala by Gregory and Rolf Knie

We have visited the Ohlala Show in Zurich (Dübendorf) and were absolutely amazed.
What a fantastic show!
The extraordinary experience already began when we have entered the area:
It consisted of two tents, the first one was with lounges and bars, where we could spend the time before the show started, in the actual show tent.
Entering the area, we felt like we were in another world. A world full of bizarre and spectacular costumes and masks, with a touch of burlesque and a very special atmosphere.

As it says in the title, SEXY, CRAZY, ARTISTIC, the show did justice to all of these words.
It was a magnificent mix of breathtaking performances, erotic and humorous acts, all of which accompanied by the beautiful voice of the singer Jean Pearl who performed during the show.

We loved how the Circus Ohlala created a completely new Show experience.
All of the acts were unique, like the female sword-swallower Lucky Hell, with the look of a glamorous pin-up girl, the (almost) naked duo les beau frères with their naked towel dance and the artist Francis Perreault who showed us an incredibly magical and charming performance with his ring.

Of course there were many more amazingly gifted women and men on stage too, and all this together created a spectacle we have never seen before.
Even though all the performances were amazing, one of our favourite acts was the Duo Ars.
The flying acrobats created a beautiful and very sensual atmosphere and have fascinated us very much.
All in all the Ohlala Show is a calling to the visitors, to love life and enjoy love.
Ohlala is still playing in Dübendorf until the 26th October 2014, so if you have not seen it yet, you still have the chance to get your tickets!

For more information on the past shows and the show schedule 2014, visit the official website.

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