Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Beautiful in white – extraordinary vases and flowers

We would like to show you our new white design vases from desiary.
We chose these three, because each vase has a beautiful, unique design, which we love very much.

What we like about this vase, is the effect like folded paper. 
We think this shape looks amazing for flowers, because it matches perfectly with the natural shape of the flowers and leaves.

This is a Jonathan Adler vase with the name I-Scream.
You can either use it as a vase for flowers, or you can just use it as a decoration object and it looks as amazing.
We love the idea to use the hand and the cone as a vase, and the design is just extraordinary.

What we think is beautiful about this vase, is the geometric shape, and that it gets more narrow towards the top.
The shape reminds us a bit of a stretched diamond.
Even though it has a special design, it remains simple, so the flowers you put inside can shine for themselves.

Thank you very much to Blumen Dufour in Basel for the amazing flower arrangements, they are absolutely breathtaking!

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