Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Alexander Wang x H&M Preview

Tonight we got to see the Alexander Wang for H&M Collection in Zurich at a fitness studio.
Perfect location for this great collection!

Inspired by sportswear, Alexander Wang created a collection that shows us how stylish sportswear can be.
From boxing gloves, yoga mats, sports-pants and cropped-tops until large winter jackets, there is something for every taste.
The pieces have the characteristics of sportswear 
(for example breathable and fast-drying)
and most of them are even made from typical sportswear materials.
Some of the pieces are also made from other materials, such as leather.
By combining these pieces, you can create a sporty and very fashionable look.
We love the idea to wear comfortable and cozy clothes and look stylish at the same time.

 What we like very much, are the sweaters with the 3 dimensional WANG.
They are available for men and women in the colours black and grey, and there is also a female cropped version of it.
The material is incredibly soft and comfortable.
Definitely a must have from this collection!

We also think this unisex leather backpack is an original piece, we like the chunky style of it.
We love the little details, like the little 3-dimensional plastic "AW"'s on the bottom, so the backpack can stand on them without getting scratches on the bottom.
This reminds us a bit of the studs from the well-known Alexander Wang Rocco bag.

We can't wait until the collection hits the stores on the 6th november 2014 to get our favourite pieces.

The collection will be available in selected stores all over the world and online.

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