Friday, 31 October 2014

Product of the month: Dr. Hauschka | Translucent Bronzing Tint

The Dr. Hauschka Translucent Bronzing Tint is our product of the month october 2014!
The summer here is long gone, and with it the beautiful sun kissed tan.
We are against going to the solarium, neither do we want to use unhealthy chemical products on our skin.
Of course we still love to have a sun-kissed glow, it just makes you look more fresh and healthy!

The perfect solution for us is the Dr. Hauschka Translucent Bronzing Tint!
It can be used by both women and men as it looks completely natural and not at all like you have make-up on.
It adapts perfectly to your natural skin tone and the texture is very pleasant and soft.
A little goes a long way, and due to the light texture it is very easy to apply and is not heavy on the skin.
What we also like is that the scent of the product is very neutral, which also makes it perfect for men.
The Bronzing Tint does not give you a permanent tan.

You can only apply the Bronzing Tint or mix it with any moisturiser. It is perfect for any skin type and as a positive side effect it also softens the appearance of skin imperfections.

We love it and we would not want to miss it, especially now through the colder and darker winter months!

For more Dr. Hauschka products, visit the official website.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Less is More – organic haircare

Less is More is an austrian haircare brand we found out about a few weeks ago and that fascinated us immediately. As it is very important to us, less is more only uses natural and 100% certified organic ingredients for their haircare products, and respect for the environment is as important to them as it is to us.

We have tried the aloe vera mint shampoo and conditioner and the Chitinspray, which is a heat-activated styling spray.

What we immediately loved is the soft and natural scent of the products. Everyone loves it when the hair smells good after washing and styling it, and with these products your hair feels and scents fresh for a very long time.

The texture of the shampoo and the conditioner is very soft and pleasant. We have both used them and it is incredible how refreshed and strong the hair feels and looks after using it.
This refreshed feeling remains until you wash your hair the next time.
The products adds a beautiful natural volume to your hair and is perfect for fine to normal and also for oily hair.

What we like very much is the extraordinary scent of the Chitinspray, it scents of orange flower, rose and sicilian bergamot, which makes it also a fragrance for your hair.
The essential oils have an uplifting, vitalising and mood brightening effect.
The Chitinspray protects your hair from heat and gives it a natural shine and volume.

We are very convinced by the quality and the effectiveness of the less is more products, and if you are looking for an organic and natural haircare brand you should definitely try Less is More products!

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Alexander Wang x H&M Preview

Tonight we got to see the Alexander Wang for H&M Collection in Zurich at a fitness studio.
Perfect location for this great collection!

Inspired by sportswear, Alexander Wang created a collection that shows us how stylish sportswear can be.
From boxing gloves, yoga mats, sports-pants and cropped-tops until large winter jackets, there is something for every taste.
The pieces have the characteristics of sportswear 
(for example breathable and fast-drying)
and most of them are even made from typical sportswear materials.
Some of the pieces are also made from other materials, such as leather.
By combining these pieces, you can create a sporty and very fashionable look.
We love the idea to wear comfortable and cozy clothes and look stylish at the same time.

 What we like very much, are the sweaters with the 3 dimensional WANG.
They are available for men and women in the colours black and grey, and there is also a female cropped version of it.
The material is incredibly soft and comfortable.
Definitely a must have from this collection!

We also think this unisex leather backpack is an original piece, we like the chunky style of it.
We love the little details, like the little 3-dimensional plastic "AW"'s on the bottom, so the backpack can stand on them without getting scratches on the bottom.
This reminds us a bit of the studs from the well-known Alexander Wang Rocco bag.

We can't wait until the collection hits the stores on the 6th november 2014 to get our favourite pieces.

The collection will be available in selected stores all over the world and online.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Filabé of Switzerland – the new art of skin care

Filabé is an innovative skin care product from Switzerland, about which we found out a few weeks ago and that fascinates us very much.
All of the active ingredients are natural and the whole brand is built against the background of consciousness and protecting nature and the environment.
The Filabé products are vegan!
The thought behind the idea was, to create a product that has all the active ingredients needed for perfect skin, without excipients. Also, if you use Filabé, you don't need any other side products (such as cleaning products or extra cremes). You use Filabé and your skin is perfectly clean, refreshed, smooth and nurtured. The positive side effect is, that you only need one product, which means one packaging and that way less damage to the environment.
We are using the Filabé Essential Care and the Filabé Skin Clear and this is our experience with the product so far:

As recommended, we have used Filabé in the evening, and did not use any other products. Even though we could not believe it first, it even removes eye-make-up without irritating the eyes!

Filabé is a patented microfibril wipe, specifically designed for skin care. There are 7 microfibril wipes  for one week, in one package. Once a day, preferably in the evening, lightly moisten the skin care wipe with water. Do not squeeze water from the wipe (or you will loose active ingredients). Gently and evenly massage face with the soft side of the wipe. Use the entire surface of the facial wipe.

What we noticed first, is that the wipes don't have any fragrances at all, they smell completely neutral.
After using it as described we were surprised at how refreshed and vital our skin felt and looked after only using it once! Our skin felt very clear and smooth and well suplied with blood.
After a little while our skin started to feel tight, like when you shower and don't use any products afterwards. But we had this experience only the first two evenings and then it stopped, probably as the skin got used to the new method of care.

We have used it for one week now and we think its absolutely fantastic, it's a completely new method of skin care and so far we are very convinced. Our skin feels very healthy and fresh and we have the feeling that especially during the night, the skin is perfectly nourished but can still breathe.

We will continue to use it for 3 more weeks (4 weeks total), as this is the amount of time the skin needs to completely renew itself, and by then we will see the best results.
We will write another post about our experience and the results after 4 weeks.

Filabé has four different product lines:
Filabé Essential Care
Filabé Skin Clear
Filabé Anti-Aging
Filabé Whitening

For more information on Filabé and the different products
visit the official website.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Circus Ohlala by Gregory and Rolf Knie

We have visited the Ohlala Show in Zurich (Dübendorf) and were absolutely amazed.
What a fantastic show!
The extraordinary experience already began when we have entered the area:
It consisted of two tents, the first one was with lounges and bars, where we could spend the time before the show started, in the actual show tent.
Entering the area, we felt like we were in another world. A world full of bizarre and spectacular costumes and masks, with a touch of burlesque and a very special atmosphere.

As it says in the title, SEXY, CRAZY, ARTISTIC, the show did justice to all of these words.
It was a magnificent mix of breathtaking performances, erotic and humorous acts, all of which accompanied by the beautiful voice of the singer Jean Pearl who performed during the show.

We loved how the Circus Ohlala created a completely new Show experience.
All of the acts were unique, like the female sword-swallower Lucky Hell, with the look of a glamorous pin-up girl, the (almost) naked duo les beau frères with their naked towel dance and the artist Francis Perreault who showed us an incredibly magical and charming performance with his ring.

Of course there were many more amazingly gifted women and men on stage too, and all this together created a spectacle we have never seen before.
Even though all the performances were amazing, one of our favourite acts was the Duo Ars.
The flying acrobats created a beautiful and very sensual atmosphere and have fascinated us very much.
All in all the Ohlala Show is a calling to the visitors, to love life and enjoy love.
Ohlala is still playing in Dübendorf until the 26th October 2014, so if you have not seen it yet, you still have the chance to get your tickets!

For more information on the past shows and the show schedule 2014, visit the official website.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Beautiful in white – extraordinary vases and flowers

We would like to show you our new white design vases from desiary.
We chose these three, because each vase has a beautiful, unique design, which we love very much.

What we like about this vase, is the effect like folded paper. 
We think this shape looks amazing for flowers, because it matches perfectly with the natural shape of the flowers and leaves.

This is a Jonathan Adler vase with the name I-Scream.
You can either use it as a vase for flowers, or you can just use it as a decoration object and it looks as amazing.
We love the idea to use the hand and the cone as a vase, and the design is just extraordinary.

What we think is beautiful about this vase, is the geometric shape, and that it gets more narrow towards the top.
The shape reminds us a bit of a stretched diamond.
Even though it has a special design, it remains simple, so the flowers you put inside can shine for themselves.

Thank you very much to Blumen Dufour in Basel for the amazing flower arrangements, they are absolutely breathtaking!

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Karl Lagerfeld Barbie

We love our new limited edition Karl Lagerfeld Barbie doll!
When we first heard about it, we loved the idea, but we could not imagine how it would look.
When we have finally received our number 240, we were very excited!
The details are unbelievable, every piece she wears is a Karl Lagerfeld piece and his silhouette is printed on her pants and her belt.
We love how she is an androgyne version of Karl Lagerfeld himself.
She will accompany us from time to time on our trips, and we will keep you updated with pictures of her adventures.

The Lagerfeld daily that has come out last month, is a brilliant compendium of Karl Lagerfelds latest projects and highlights.

Also our cat loves her new Karl Lagerfeld treats, especially the article about Choupette!;-)

Many thanks to Colette in Paris and Karl Lagerfeld Switzerland!

captured - la vie en images

light reflection

Friday, 10 October 2014

Magis Piña by Jaime Hayón

The new collection Piña by Jaime Hayón consists of three beautiful types of chairs.

The seat with the steel wire structure looks very stylish and we really like the design of it.
The legs of the chairs are from solid ash, some are natural and some are painted, the seat and the back are cushion covered in fabric or leather.
We can imagine, the chairs look equally amazing when you use them inside in the dining or living room, but also outside, in the garden. 
Because of the special finish, they can also be used as outdoor chairs, but wherever you use them, they are definitely an eye-catcher.
We think its fantastic how the designer makes something so special out of something as ordinary as a chair.

We love to combine extraordinary design pieces like the Piña chairs, with a vintage table (that tells his own story), because we think these contrasts create a very special and comfortable atmosphere.

For more Information about Piña by Jaime Hayón, or more Magis products, visit the official website.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

captured - la vie en images

paper silhouette

Ice Watch | Ice Crystal

The new watch Ice Crystal by Ice Watch is a very feminine and elegant watch, that gives every outfit a glamourous finish.
What we like very much, are the little swarovski crystals on the clock face, that sparkle beautifully.
The stylish white leather bracelet is very soft and comfortable to wear.

The Ice Crystal is available with silver or rose gold details and frame.

For more information about the Ice Crystal and other Ice watch models, visit the official website.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

ROCKY HORROR SHOW Musical | Switzerland | November 2014

We can't wait to go and see the legendary musical "ROCKY HORROR SHOW" by Richard O' Brien's in Basel this November!
The bizarre and humoristic show has attracted millions of viewers since the premiere in 1973.
We think its unbelievable that a musical can still inspire and fascinate people today, as it did back then.

The shrill show combines burlesque, rock 'n' roll music, elements of a drag queen show and theater in one, and that way manages to whisk the viewers away, straight into the world of Brad and Janet, and of course Rocky! 
It is a bizarre but brilliant mix of sincerity and recklessness, that creates the irresistible "ROCKY HORROR SHOW" atmosphere, and that gives the show the certain something that makes it stand out from the crowd of musicals.

The Musical plays as follows:

We will write another post about our impressions from the musical on the 11th November, right after the show.
For more information about "ROCKY HORROR SHOW" Musical and where to get your tickets, visit the website.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Lindt HELLO - Nice to sweet you - Sweet Popcorn

How amazing is the idea to have chocolate and popcorn united in one delicious sweet?!
Lindt managed to create a unique chocolate for everyone who can never decide between chocolate and popcorn:

– Lindt's Sweet POPCORN – 

It is crispy but still soft, simply irresistible, with the little popcorn crunches you can taste in every bite and the mouthwatering milk chocolate surrounding it.
Before trying it we could not imagine how it would taste, but the combination of chocolate and popcorn is just amazingly delicious – it's the perfect match! 
Try it and you will be amazed!
Once you start you can't stop!

For more Sweet temptations visit the official Lindt HELLO website.