Saturday, 13 September 2014

THE LION KING - the original broadway musical - Basel 2015

Probably all of us have watched the "the lion king" movies once during their childhood. We all know about Simba's adventures and Scar's intrigues.
Finally the original broadway musical will make its way to Basel Switzerland and we can't wait to go see it!

From March 2015, the original production will take us straight into the world of the Lion King, with amazing costumes, masks and breathtaking music. 
From the catching african rhythms full of energy to the emotional film music by Sir Elton John and Sir Tim Rice, that will touch the audience deeply, we can be prepared to be absolutely amazed.

The musical THE LION KING has a success story that is beyond comparison, and the combination of actors, masks and puppets takes theater to a completely new level.

The director of the THE LION KING musical, Julie Taymor, was the first woman ever to win a Tony Award for directing a musical, and THE LION KING has won more than 70 other grand prices.
For a first impression, watch the official Video of the musical, there are no more words needed.
We are sure that you will be as amazed as we are:

It is an honour to have such a great musical in Switzerland, 
and you should not miss it!

Tickets are available here and for more information visit the official website of The Lion King.
We will keep you updated with any news concerning THE LION KING - the original broadway musical in Basel.

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