Thursday, 31 July 2014

Chanel "Coco Coach" The Fall-Winter 2014 Campaign by Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld photographed Cara Delevingne and Binx Walton for the advertising campaign of the Fall-Winter 2014 collection.

 As the collection itself, the campaign is very young and sporty, and it shows us a very new side of Chanel, that is more casual and comfortable than the traditional collections.

The boundaries between young, casual and sporty and high fashion are blurred and sometimes the contrasts are extreme.

This is one of our favourite shots from the campaign, with the wall full of chanel bags.
It has a very urban and almost rebellious touch to it, and as a contrast to that you have the high fashion clothes and accessories.

This is the official making-of Video of the campaign, we like the song by Laetitia Frenod very much:

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Mark Hachem Gallery

The Mark Hachem Gallery is a gallery based in Paris and New York, that shows unique and outstanding pieces of art. It was founded in 1985 and is known as one of the most innovative galleries.
We would like to show you some of our favourite pieces:

Mauro Corda
"Que la fête commence" (ALL)

Lucy Glendinning
"Distortions 2 2/4"
Silicon, rubber, jesmonite, timber

Yves Hayat
"Les Parfums de Révolte Series"
Inkjet print on burnt transparent film included in plexiglas box

Friday, 11 July 2014

Cyclope 2014 Basel Klybeck

Jean Tinguely was a swiss artist who was best known for his sculptural machines and kinetic art.
Cyclope is a piece that was originally constructed by him, his wife and his assistants and on which he worked for 20 years.
The original work is in the forest Milly-la-Forêt near Paris today, 22 metres high, made from 350 tons of steel and you can walk through it.

In 2012 the story of the Cyclope began all over again, when a group of artists built a copy of the cyclope for the first performance in Biel. Today we visited the premiere of the performance Cyclope in Basel.

The performance is a combination of art, artistry and theater and it was an incredible experience.
The sculpture serves as the stage, the artists climb on to it, move with it and interact with it in a breathtaking way. The beautiful life music creates an atmosphere that is unique and very captivating.
The performance was many-sided and lively, it managed to bring us into the middle of the world of Cyclope and it was very fascinating.
It was a spectacular evening and Cyclope is definitely a performance you should not miss.
It will be in Basel from July 10 until September 2014.
For more information and details visit the official website of Cyclope 2014.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Cyclope Basel 2014

July 10 - September 2014

more information coming soon

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Keishera James

Keishera James was born in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in Brooklyn and has always been fond of the arts. For a while she was pursuing a career as a model, but as music was always her biggest passion it did not take long until she found her way to be a singer. Luckily she did so, because not only does she have the most beautiful and unmistakable voice, something between Anita Baker and Sade, but she has so much emotion in her voice when she sings that you immediately feel connected to her. She was influenced by her cultural diversity from travelling and living in Paris and London, currently she lives between Berlin, Germany and New York City.

We got to know her during the Art Basel 2014, as she was a part of the exhibition 14 rooms, where she participated at Otobong Nkangas installation called 'Diaspore'. (read more about the 14 rooms and Otobong Nkangas 'Diaspore' here.) During her performance, she was in a small room, alone or with another woman, holding a plant above her head and singing. The first time we heard her sing it was an incredibly emotional experience, and very touching. She was standing in this small room, singing with her strong voice that it seemed to us her soul is in every word she sings. 
We could not resist to talk to her later after her performance, and got to know not only an extraordinary artist but also a wonderful person. Her whole appearance is very strong and beautiful and full of love and passion for whatever she does.

As soon as we started to listen to her EP 'Body Language' we immediately fell in love with it and her voice even more, and we can't stop listening to her music.

The Video to the first single off Body Language called Rockstar

Get the fantastic EP Body Language by Keishera James here on Itunes!

We also got a little preview on what will be on her new EP that is coming soon, and it is even more amazing as her first and is leaving you wanting more!

Keishera James will be performing at this years 20th anniversary of the Reggea Jam In Bersenbrück, Germany from August 1-3, 2014.

For more information on Keishera James, her music and her projects, visit her Artist Page.