Friday, 27 June 2014

Luhring Augustine Gallery

The Luhring Augustine Gallery was also exhibiting at this years Art Basel. The Art Basel 2014 may be over, but one can never get enough of fantastic art, so we would like to share with you some pieces we liked a lot.

Untitled (2013)
Ink on Himalayan oiled handmade paper
© TUNGA, courtesy of the artist and Luhring Augustine, New York

This piece has a very ruminant touch to it, at the first glance you think it is perfectly symmetrical but then you see that there are slight differences. When we were looking at it for a while, we always discovered new elements in the painting.

Huddle (2013)
Stainless Steel
© TOM FRIEDMAN, courtesy of the artist and Luhring Augustine, New York

What we like a lot about this piece, is that it has something mysterious and almost conspiratorial about it. A bunch of people, circling and standing together as a unity.

Untitled (2000)
© TUNGA, courtesy of the artist and Luhring Augustine, New York

This piece is very beautiful, to us it looks like something someone started, but did not yet finish and left it just as it is.
It reminds us a bit of a sea dweller.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Art Basel 2014 | Highlights

The 45th edition of the Art Basel is now officially over, and we are looking back.
This year was, once again, full of inspirational art, unique design and fascinating performances.
Behind us lies a week full of creativity, exciting experiences and wonderful people we have met.


As always in Hall 1, Art Unlimited created a huge hall of impressive artwork.
All of the installations were fantastic and very fascinating, there were video installations, light installations, sculptures, paintings and much more.
Even though all of them were brilliant, we picked some of our favourite installations to present them to you, visit the links to our posts below for informations on the different pieces.


Among all the applications, Marc Spiegler (Director Art Basel) and his team picked 232 galleries to present their artwork. The result is like a huge museum with artwork from every era, artform and from all around the world. During our visits of the Art Basel, we have captured some of the pieces that caught our eyes for you. You will find them when you click the links to our posts below.
Of course this is only a very small extract of all the beaufitul art that was shown this year.


For the first time this year, we had a live art exhibition called '14 rooms' by Fonation Beyeler, Art Basel and Theater Basel, which is curated by Klaus Biesenbach and Hans Ulrich Obrist.
For us the visit of 14 rooms was one of the most intense experiences this year, as every visitor had the chance to be 'a part of the art' for a moment. The rooms are full of different and fascinating experiences, and this visit is unforgettable to us.
Find more information and pictures of the exhibitions and the different rooms, when you use the link to our post below.


The Design Miami/ is the global forum for design, which brings to Basel every year the best the world of design has to offer.
We loved looking at all the beautiful pieces from galleries from all around the world.
Visit the link below for more information on some of the galleries and their pieces.


We were amazed about how much thought people seem to give to their outfits when visiting the Art Basel. We met people, who created their outfits especially for the Art Basel, for these people this is also a way of expressing their personality, so we let them choose how they wanted to be photographed. All of the pictures you will find when you visit the links below, are of people that caught our eyes and we are very happy to have their permission to take pictures of them and post them here on our blog.

A great thank you to all the people, and also to the main sponsor of the Art Basel, UBS, who have once again made this wonderful event what it is, and brought to all of us the most beautiful and inspiring art from all around the world.

We are already now looking forward to the 46th edition of the Art Basel, from June 18-21, 2015.

The Show Must Go On (2008)
Gallery Stein

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Art Basel 2014 | Streetstyle

Inside and around the Art Basel, there are many people with an individual, unique and fashionable style.
This our last Art Basel 2014 streetstyle:

Noemi & Matthias, Basel

Beatrix, Kassel

Andy, Zurich

Gilles & Gina, Luzern

Michelle, Weinfelden

Rafael, Locarno

Julia, Basel

Belinda, Singapore & Michael, Zug

Lili & Raffi, Zurich

Gean, Miami

Rosanna, Zurich

Manuel, Basel

Alina Gordon, Basel

Michael & Harriet, Hong Kong

Mara & Jonas, Basel

Vanessa, Basel

Shannon, New York City

Sinae, Seoul

Saman & Siwar, Zurich

Runa, Freiburg

Art Basel 2014 | Our impressions

More of our impressions from the art Basel:

Arrow (1983)
Alison Jacques Gallery

Ballerina (2013)
Stephen Friedman Gallery

Untitled (7 Details) (2014)
Galerie Micheline Szwajcer

Cat (phantombox) (2014)
Herald St

Floater (2013)
Galleria Franco Noero

A concise history of the universe (1967)

Anthurium (2013)
PKM Gallery

Nocturne IX (2013)
Galerie Urs Meile

Composition (1962)
Dominique Lévy Gallery

Mir 219 (1975)
Galerie Lahumière

Art Basel 2014 | Streetstyle

Inside and around the Art Basel, there are many people with an individual, unique and fashionable style.
We captured some more of them for you:

Colin & Mimi, Geneva

Giuseppe, Rome

Stefanie, Appenzell

Manuela, Thun & Marco, Basel

Angela, London

Angela & Sebastian, Basel

Susan, Lucerne

Lorenzo, Bergamo

Suzanne, Lucerne

Jean-Louis, Strasbourg

Valou & Philippe, Bienne

Bernhard, Basel

Sebastian & Leo, New York

José, Geneva & Albertina, Portugal & Isabel Portugal

Eliel, Los Angeles

Caro, Freiburg

Anna, Zurich & Raphael, Düsseldorf

Atikossie Ako, Milan

Mariana, Annecy

Basil, Lachen & Corinne, Zurich

Sara, Basel

Etienne & Yvan, Munich

Kate, London