Monday, 19 May 2014


The nanoblock construction toys come from a tokyo based company.
The little blocks have the similar design as lego bricks, but everything is very small, which may be the reason for the naming.
What we like best about the nanoblocks, is that in order to recieve the final product (in our example the 3D figurine of an animal) you have to be creative and patient and build it yourself, which isn't always as easy as you would expect.
We tried two puzzles, and found that the flamingo is very tricky, especially when it comes to the legs and neck.

The nanoblocks come in little packages, with an instruction sheet.
There are more blocks in the package than you need, in case some get lost, so don't be confused if you have many blocks left when the figurine is finished.

We had lots of fun to build together all the little blocks, but we already started to be creative when we have unpacked the blocks, and we tried to create the flamingo just by arranging the little blocks.

The tricky part were the legs and the neck, as the blocks are tiny, it takes a lot of patience and you have to handle the finished neck and legs very carefully.
This is our finished flamingo, isn't it fantastic?

The nanoblock is the perfect alternative to normal puzzles, and once you have built them together they are also very decorative. There are many more designs available online at the Design3000 shop, you will certainly find one you like, and once you have started, you can't get enough of the little toys.

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