Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Right in time for the summer, Lindts "SWEET DUCK" has hatched.

There are four different packages available, either you get the classic bag or box, with the duck on it or you can go for a more special one like the round tin with the duck on it. The fourth one is a box, that comes with a cute little Lindt rubber duck.
The wrapping of each of the delicious swiss double lait pralines has cute little ducks on it, it looks like a bonbon and is very appealing.
We absolutely adore both the chocoloate, which is so delicious that we can't get enough of it and also the packaging. The duck is very cute and just makes you smile when you look at it, and the yellow is a very uplifting colour.
The swiss double milk chocolate is, as we are used to by Lindt, mouth-watering. You can keep it in the fridge, if you want it to be more crunchy, or just in a cupboard. The white milk filling reminds us of a delicious mousse au chocolat and contains little milk crisps, which makes the experience of the sweet duck even more special.

Who says that bringing chocolate when you are invited is boring?
With these SWEET DUCKS you will delight everybody who is the happy reciever of one of these packages!
For us it's the perfect praline, with the light filling with milk crisps coated by exquisit swiss milk chocolate.

We certainly love both to recieve and give chocolate and will surely get more of these sweet ducks!

The Lindt SWEET DUCK is available in selected stores only and for a limited time, so make sure to grab your Sweet Duck before it's gone!


  1. It would be grate if you know in which country can i find this delicious chocolate? And if it is a limited edition, in wich month it's more probable to find it.

    1. Hello, the Sweet Duck was a limited edition in the Summer 2014 available only on Switzerland but is not available anymore unfortunately. Best regards, C&C