Saturday, 24 May 2014

Leonardo ball lantern - Leonardo Windlicht Ball

We love candles all over the year, we decorate our place indoors and outdoors with candles all the time.
Now with the summer coming up, it is very cozy to sit outside, in the candlelight.
When we discovered the Leonardo ball lantern, we were amazed by it.
You can use it indoors, if you have a place where you can stick it in, or of course it's perfect to use outside, and place it in a flowerpot or just into the ground.
What we like best is how the metal spiral embraces the round glass bowl, in which you place the candle. It gives the lantern a artful touch.

The Leonardo ball lantern is available in different colours, the one on the picture is the clear one, you can choose your favourite colour online at the Design3000 shop.

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