Thursday, 8 May 2014

Kusmi Tea Paris

Kusmi Tea is a Paris based traditional tea company that was originally founded in St. Petersburg, Russia.
The company is known for their exclusive teas of highest quality and the colourful and classy tea caddys. 
The caddys have a nostalgic look and do not only contain the best teas, but are also very decorative in your kitchen.
We have so far tried two of the teas and they are delicious.

The first one we have tried is the Kusmi Rose Green Tea
This tea is a green tea, flavoured and scented with rose petals.
The taste is very natural and pleasant and we can't get enough of it.
We drink it warm, at the temperature that is recommended on the caddy.
It is a relaxing and calming tea, that allows you to take a short break from your every day stress.
Recommended water temperature: 80°C
Recommended brewing time: 3-4 minutes
Ingredients: Chinese green tea, rose petals

The other one is the Kusmi BB Detox
Detox is very current these days, and we think it is very important, as it allows our body (as the word says) to detox from time to time.
We have been drinking it every day for more than a week now, (more than 1lt each) and we have the impression that our skin is purified and clear, and we feel very energetic. 
This probably comes from the guarana that is in the tea, why we also don't recommend to drink it before going to bed, as it might cause you some trouble falling asleep.
During the daytime though, the tea is delicious and very energizing and refreshing at any time, with a citric taste of grapefruit.
We have been drinking it hot, as recommended on the caddy, but also cold which is even more refreshing.
Recommended water temperature: 85°C
Recommended brewing time: 3-4 minutes
Ingredients: Green tea, maté, grapefruit, guarana

We are looking forward to try more Kusmi Teas, and will keep you updated when we have tried other sorts. There are so many, that we will surely find more delicious teas!
Kusmi tea is only available in selected stores and online.

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