Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Knickbecher - tumbler with bend

We all know the white plastic tumblers you get at every corner, they are not very tough, and if you squeeze them they will loose their shape and in the end will be broken, so you can't use them ever again.
What we found, is the white tumbler but made from ceramics, and what we love about it, is the shape of it. It looks like it has been squeezed and then stayed in this shape for ever.

This tumbler is definitely an eye-catcher for your place, and it is very multifunctional.
You can use it for drinks, but also for flowers, as decoration, to put office utensils in it or whatever else you feel like.
We like to use it for just a few coloured pencils, which give it a touch of colour but still leave the main attention to the tumbler.

The tumbler is available in three different sizes at the Design3000 shop
the one on the picture is size medium. 

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