Monday, 12 May 2014

Festival Outfits by Levi’s®

With the upcoming festival season, the big question is, what to wear?
If you look at the pictures from the Coachella Festival, you know that the main thing about a festival is of course the fantastic music acts, but the other very important thing, that make a festival what it is, are the people's outfits.
There are some Levi’s® pieces you should definitely take a look at, when trying to decide what you are going to wear for your festival:
Classic Levi’s® Jeans Vest, available in more colours, you can combine it with almost every outfit

pastel coloured shorts, with a touch of vintage, very fashionable colours for this summer and an eye catcher at every festival

the roman-touch leather sandals with orange details, we especially like the coloured heel

you have to take a bandana with you, as you can use it as a scarf, as a belt, as a headband or whatever you choose. One piece, so many possibilities to use it!

Our personal favourite: The pastel coloured cropped top with corset bodice. To bring out the special print and colours of the crop top perfectly you can combine it with simple colours.

The crafted leather sancho boot is a must have at every festival, we especially like the stich details that give the boot a bohemian and western chic.

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