Monday, 19 May 2014

Chocolate Fondue Set Cocoa

We have made chocolate fondue for many years now, in every possible way. By melting it in a pan or by using an electric chocolate fondue machine, but we have never seen a chocolate fondue set, that is as stylish in design and as easy to handle as this one.

The stand and the little forks are made from bamboo, which is known to be very robust and has a beautiful colour and structure.
The glass bowl gives the set a very elegant look, and you can see the chocolate melt.
The black silicone ring adds the finishing touch to the stylish look of the complete set.
It is also very eco-friendly, as you don't need electricity but only a candle to make the chocolate melt. You need to make sure to stir the chocolate regularly, so that it will not scorch, and of course as always with fire, never leave it unattended.
The little candle also creates a very calm and cozy atmosphere, and with the delicious chocolate and fruits it is the perfect dessert for a summer night.
It is the perfect addition to your household and also a very beautiful gift.

The Chocolate Fondue Set Cocoa is available at the Design3000 shop.

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