Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Right in time for the summer, Lindts "SWEET DUCK" has hatched.

There are four different packages available, either you get the classic bag or box, with the duck on it or you can go for a more special one like the round tin with the duck on it. The fourth one is a box, that comes with a cute little Lindt rubber duck.
The wrapping of each of the delicious swiss double lait pralines has cute little ducks on it, it looks like a bonbon and is very appealing.
We absolutely adore both the chocoloate, which is so delicious that we can't get enough of it and also the packaging. The duck is very cute and just makes you smile when you look at it, and the yellow is a very uplifting colour.
The swiss double milk chocolate is, as we are used to by Lindt, mouth-watering. You can keep it in the fridge, if you want it to be more crunchy, or just in a cupboard. The white milk filling reminds us of a delicious mousse au chocolat and contains little milk crisps, which makes the experience of the sweet duck even more special.

Who says that bringing chocolate when you are invited is boring?
With these SWEET DUCKS you will delight everybody who is the happy reciever of one of these packages!
For us it's the perfect praline, with the light filling with milk crisps coated by exquisit swiss milk chocolate.

We certainly love both to recieve and give chocolate and will surely get more of these sweet ducks!

The Lindt SWEET DUCK is available in selected stores only and for a limited time, so make sure to grab your Sweet Duck before it's gone!

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Leonardo ball lantern - Leonardo Windlicht Ball

We love candles all over the year, we decorate our place indoors and outdoors with candles all the time.
Now with the summer coming up, it is very cozy to sit outside, in the candlelight.
When we discovered the Leonardo ball lantern, we were amazed by it.
You can use it indoors, if you have a place where you can stick it in, or of course it's perfect to use outside, and place it in a flowerpot or just into the ground.
What we like best is how the metal spiral embraces the round glass bowl, in which you place the candle. It gives the lantern a artful touch.

The Leonardo ball lantern is available in different colours, the one on the picture is the clear one, you can choose your favourite colour online at the Design3000 shop.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Knickbecher - tumbler with bend

We all know the white plastic tumblers you get at every corner, they are not very tough, and if you squeeze them they will loose their shape and in the end will be broken, so you can't use them ever again.
What we found, is the white tumbler but made from ceramics, and what we love about it, is the shape of it. It looks like it has been squeezed and then stayed in this shape for ever.

This tumbler is definitely an eye-catcher for your place, and it is very multifunctional.
You can use it for drinks, but also for flowers, as decoration, to put office utensils in it or whatever else you feel like.
We like to use it for just a few coloured pencils, which give it a touch of colour but still leave the main attention to the tumbler.

The tumbler is available in three different sizes at the Design3000 shop
the one on the picture is size medium. 

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Lasso Wine Bottle Holder

The Peleg Design Lasso Wine Bottle Holder is the perfect gift for every wine lover, or anyone who has a passion for special designs.
When you insert a bottle of wine, the wine seems to be floating weightlessly, in an almost magic way, which we find very impressive. 
It is an absolute eye catcher in every kitchen and on every dinner table.
As we love extraordinary pieces and designs, this is a must have for us too!

There is also a wine bottle holder in the same style available, but with a metal chain instead of lasso.
The Peleg Design wine bottle holders are available at the Design3000 shop.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Chocolate Fondue Set Cocoa

We have made chocolate fondue for many years now, in every possible way. By melting it in a pan or by using an electric chocolate fondue machine, but we have never seen a chocolate fondue set, that is as stylish in design and as easy to handle as this one.

The stand and the little forks are made from bamboo, which is known to be very robust and has a beautiful colour and structure.
The glass bowl gives the set a very elegant look, and you can see the chocolate melt.
The black silicone ring adds the finishing touch to the stylish look of the complete set.
It is also very eco-friendly, as you don't need electricity but only a candle to make the chocolate melt. You need to make sure to stir the chocolate regularly, so that it will not scorch, and of course as always with fire, never leave it unattended.
The little candle also creates a very calm and cozy atmosphere, and with the delicious chocolate and fruits it is the perfect dessert for a summer night.
It is the perfect addition to your household and also a very beautiful gift.

The Chocolate Fondue Set Cocoa is available at the Design3000 shop.


The nanoblock construction toys come from a tokyo based company.
The little blocks have the similar design as lego bricks, but everything is very small, which may be the reason for the naming.
What we like best about the nanoblocks, is that in order to recieve the final product (in our example the 3D figurine of an animal) you have to be creative and patient and build it yourself, which isn't always as easy as you would expect.
We tried two puzzles, and found that the flamingo is very tricky, especially when it comes to the legs and neck.

The nanoblocks come in little packages, with an instruction sheet.
There are more blocks in the package than you need, in case some get lost, so don't be confused if you have many blocks left when the figurine is finished.

We had lots of fun to build together all the little blocks, but we already started to be creative when we have unpacked the blocks, and we tried to create the flamingo just by arranging the little blocks.

The tricky part were the legs and the neck, as the blocks are tiny, it takes a lot of patience and you have to handle the finished neck and legs very carefully.
This is our finished flamingo, isn't it fantastic?

The nanoblock is the perfect alternative to normal puzzles, and once you have built them together they are also very decorative. There are many more designs available online at the Design3000 shop, you will certainly find one you like, and once you have started, you can't get enough of the little toys.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Monday, 12 May 2014

Festival Outfits by Levi’s®

With the upcoming festival season, the big question is, what to wear?
If you look at the pictures from the Coachella Festival, you know that the main thing about a festival is of course the fantastic music acts, but the other very important thing, that make a festival what it is, are the people's outfits.
There are some Levi’s® pieces you should definitely take a look at, when trying to decide what you are going to wear for your festival:
Classic Levi’s® Jeans Vest, available in more colours, you can combine it with almost every outfit

pastel coloured shorts, with a touch of vintage, very fashionable colours for this summer and an eye catcher at every festival

the roman-touch leather sandals with orange details, we especially like the coloured heel

you have to take a bandana with you, as you can use it as a scarf, as a belt, as a headband or whatever you choose. One piece, so many possibilities to use it!

Our personal favourite: The pastel coloured cropped top with corset bodice. To bring out the special print and colours of the crop top perfectly you can combine it with simple colours.

The crafted leather sancho boot is a must have at every festival, we especially like the stich details that give the boot a bohemian and western chic.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Lana del Rey - West Coast

Lana del Reys new music video for the song West Coast from the upcoming album Ultraviolence is out and we love the black and white, Lana-del-Rey-typical Vintage Style Video.
Of course not missing is Bradley Soileau, who was already in her Born to die and Blue Jeans Video.
West Coast is a catchy song and the more we listen to it, the more we like it. 
We love the sound of her voice, she knows exactly how to stage herself and how to move.
The result is the perfect symbiosis of sexyness, art, picture and music.

Our personal favourite moment of the music video is where she is smoking a cigarette in a convertible, eyes closed, holding the cigarette in an as elegant as erotic way.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

captured - la vie en images

white beautys in our garden

Kusmi Tea Paris

Kusmi Tea is a Paris based traditional tea company that was originally founded in St. Petersburg, Russia.
The company is known for their exclusive teas of highest quality and the colourful and classy tea caddys. 
The caddys have a nostalgic look and do not only contain the best teas, but are also very decorative in your kitchen.
We have so far tried two of the teas and they are delicious.

The first one we have tried is the Kusmi Rose Green Tea
This tea is a green tea, flavoured and scented with rose petals.
The taste is very natural and pleasant and we can't get enough of it.
We drink it warm, at the temperature that is recommended on the caddy.
It is a relaxing and calming tea, that allows you to take a short break from your every day stress.
Recommended water temperature: 80°C
Recommended brewing time: 3-4 minutes
Ingredients: Chinese green tea, rose petals

The other one is the Kusmi BB Detox
Detox is very current these days, and we think it is very important, as it allows our body (as the word says) to detox from time to time.
We have been drinking it every day for more than a week now, (more than 1lt each) and we have the impression that our skin is purified and clear, and we feel very energetic. 
This probably comes from the guarana that is in the tea, why we also don't recommend to drink it before going to bed, as it might cause you some trouble falling asleep.
During the daytime though, the tea is delicious and very energizing and refreshing at any time, with a citric taste of grapefruit.
We have been drinking it hot, as recommended on the caddy, but also cold which is even more refreshing.
Recommended water temperature: 85°C
Recommended brewing time: 3-4 minutes
Ingredients: Green tea, maté, grapefruit, guarana

We are looking forward to try more Kusmi Teas, and will keep you updated when we have tried other sorts. There are so many, that we will surely find more delicious teas!
Kusmi tea is only available in selected stores and online.