Monday, 7 April 2014

Viktor & Rolf Paris Flagship Boutique

In december 2013, Viktor & Rolf opened their very first flagship Boutique in France, at 370 rue Saint-Honoré in the first arrondissement in Paris. Rue Saint-Honoré is the perfect location for the Boutique, because this is a street that everybody who has a passion for style and fashion will visit, it is also our favourite street and we go there every time we stay in Paris.

The Boutique's design is very classy and elegant, with grey shades which you also find in the latest collections. It is an elegance that does not attract attention with an overload of things, but with simple but detailed and artful design, which is our favourite way of standing out. We are very impressed and think the design of the new Boutique really does the brand justice.

The romanesque round arches make the room look bigger and are at the same time elements of partition. That way the boutique is very open and spacious, but still intimate. The benches with curve elements cohere with the round shaped display shelves and generate a unity that is elegant and noble.

Walking through the two-storey boutique, you feel like you are in a fashion gallery, where you can admire the beautiful pieces of all Viktor & Rolf brand lines, women's ready-to-wear pre and show collections, menswear, perfumes, accesoires, handbags, shoes and eyewear. The brand's haute couture collection is available upon request. The mannequins adopt a very elegant attitude, which completes the picture of a noble and elegant fashion gallery.

The Viktor & Rolf boutique is definitely something you have to visit when you are in Paris, and we are sure you will fall in love with the one or the other piece.

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