Sunday, 6 April 2014

Viktor & Rolf F/W2014 ready to wear

With the Viktor & Rolf F/W2014 ready to wear collection, comfortable is ready for the runway. They managed to transform something as cozy as a knit sweater into a very elegant piece. The knit stitches you find in most of the pieces, sometimes as knit detail and sometimes just as a print. The cuts are very masculine and over-proportional, but still some pieces flatter the silhouette due to artful feminine prints. The collection is mainly done in grey shades, with black and white and some pieces in a bright coral red and light pastel blue.
The footwear is mainly a black leather shoe with a belt with a buckle around the middle of the shoe, that gives the shoe a surreal touch. It looks very comfortable and matches perfectly with the cuts of the collection.

model: Kate Grigoreva
The jacket is very elegant with the knit sleeves giving it a casual touch, one of our favourite pieces

model: Sigrid Agren
The knitwear is a combination of the iconic V-neck sweater with the cut of an aymmetric coat

model: Valery Kaufman
The cut of the pants is very masculine and the print on the sweater creates an strong look. The knit collar is not a part of the outfit and just for the show, but for us it gives the finishing touch to the look.

model: Xiao Wen Ju
This look is very artful, with the loose knit detailed pants and the patchwork flower print on the shirt. The white v-shaped detail gives the shirt a feminine touch.

model: Kai Newman
The print on this dress accentuates the female figure even though the cut is very loose. The print reminds us of an ancient greek dress.

The runway is an empty street, with a musician standing next to a street lantern, who plays the perfect music to this show. We love the atmosphere this scene creates for the whole fashion show. 
The idea of combining casual elements, like a knit sweater, with elegance fascinates us and creates looks we like a lot. This idea also appears in the choice of fabric, as the combination of rather "heavy" fabrics (like wool) and more "light" and fluid fabrics create a contrast that is outstanding.

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