Thursday, 3 April 2014

Versus Versace Miami watch BASELWORLD 2014

The Versus Miami watch that was presented at the 2014 Baselworld is a very modern and fashionable timepiece, that combines classic Versace elements like the safety pin or the lion with edgy elements like the studs on the leather strap. 

At the Baselworld 2014 we got a Versus Miami as a present, and it really is an amazing watch! It is very comfortable to wear and adds that certain something to every outfit. Also it can be combined very well with other jewelry, without looking too heavy.

The Versus Miami comes with an extra leather bracelet in shiny black leather without the safety pins and studs, for a more simple but still very stylish look. The Versus Miami comes in six monochromatic versions in the colors black, white or red with either a IP yellow gold or a stainless steel case.
Miami, the city that is known for fashion, glamorous parties, and style, is the perfect name for this watch, that gets you ready for a good night out aswell as for any other occasion.

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