Wednesday, 23 April 2014

& Other Stories autumn collection by Lykke Li

The year 2014 is a very creative year for Lykke Li.
She brings out her third album, features for the first time as main supporting actress in the swedish feature film "Tommy"and designs a collection for & Other Stories.

The idea came up, when she was discussing wardrobe ideas associated to her next tour and concerts, with her friends, who are designers for & Other Stories. Talking to her about fashion must be very inspiring, as she has a very individual style, that suits her perfectly. So the idea of having her create a collection, to bring her idea of fashion and style close to the people, is obvious, and we are very happy to hear about that collaboration.

We have seen her on stage many times, and her whole appearance has something special, almost mystical. The combination of her unique voice, poetic lyrics, how she moves and acts on stage, and her simple but still fashionable and distinctive style enchanted us again and again.

Lykke Li says about herself, that she is a nomad, she has been and still is traveling a lot, so she wants her wardrobe to be practical but still stylish, and suit her idea of fashion.
The collection is going to fit these criteria and be an exact implementation of her sense of fashion and style.
The main colour will be black, with elements of white, she designs ready-to-wear, accessoires, shoes, bags and jewelry. 
Behnaz Aram, ready-to-wear designer of & Other Stories says that the "(...)pieces are versatile, keeping the nomad perspective at heart. They can easily be dressed up or down, depending on what you feel like."

We think Lykke Li is a fantastic artist, and we love individuality of the & Other Stories fashion, so we can't imagine a better collaboration than these two.
We can't wait for more information to be released and see some pictures of the collection.
It will be available online and in stores autumn 2014.
We will keep you updated with more information,
so make sure to stay tuned!

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