Tuesday, 29 April 2014

lavera - natural cosmetics

Lavera is a brand that only provides you with the best nature has to offer.
The cosmetics are from 100% natural ingredients,
many products are even vegan.
It is certified by the BDIH which is the toughest certification process anywhere in the world for making sure the products are natural and organic.
We highly appreciate natural products, especially when you can have the natural and organic ingredients, but still don't have to miss any trend colours and can find a matching product for any skin and hair type.
We got to try out some of the products and these are some of our favourites:

The lavera mint purifying cleansing facial mask is especially for oily skin types and minimizes skin imperfections.  The organic mint refreshes and purifies the skind and the organic witch hazel and zinc have an anti inflammatory effect on the skin.
The mask leaves the skin clean, clear and refreshed 
and looking matte and radiant.
We especially like the fresh odour and the purified feeling that we have on the skin after using it.
The lavera mint purifying cleansing facial mask is a vegan product.

The lavera apple shampoo & conditioner are products we have been using for a few weeks now and we are very satisfied.
The odour is very fresh and you can really smell the apple, in a natural way. The hair is perfectly nourished and moisturised and remains neat, glossy and fresh, even over night, until you wash it for the next time. The hair feels healthy, strong and soft.
When applying it, it is not as foamy as the artificial shampoos, but in a good way, as you can sense that you are doing something good to your hair and providing it with everything it needs.
The apples come from an organic apple plantation in germany. The lavera apple shampoo & conditioner are both vegan products.

The lavera rose garden shower gel is another one of our favourite products. It is very good for sensitive skin, as it is very gentle and mild. We love the odour, as when you are using it in the shower, you feel like you are walking through a beautiful rose garden and that odour and feeling remains on your skin after you have washed it off.
The use of the rose garden shower gel is like a little spa-oasis right in your shower, that is relaxing and harmonising.
The skin feels perfectly cleansed, nourished and smooth.
The lavera rose garden shower gel is a vegan product.

The Lavera rich body moisturiser contains antioxidant organic cranberry extract and organic argan oil, that delays the skin aging process, promotes cell renewal and helps protect the skin against free radicals & UV rays.
The body moisturiser has a very pleasant odour
and is absorbed quickly by the skin.
The moisture produces a wonderfully refined and nourished feeling and leaves the skin smooth and refreshed. The Lavera rich body moisturiser is a vegan product.

The lavera soft moisturising cream is a light and nourishing cream for all over the body, that soothes and hydrates all skin types. It contains organic Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil, which leaves the skin nourished smooth and refreshed. The odour is very soft and pleasant. The lavera soft moisturising cream is a vegan product.

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