Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Delphine Delafon

Delphine Delafon is a Paris based french american designer.
She designs only one bag, that comes in the sizes, small, medium, large and extra large. There is also a much smaller size, that can be used for the evening or for a night out. The bag is a bucket bag that closes with the help of a chain, like a pouch.
Each bag she creates, is another proof of her passion for the little details, to make every bag a unique piece that carries her signature.
Even though she only makes one kind of bag, every bag is different to the other one and very special. She uses different materials, like different leather, sheep fur, different kinds of fabric, and many more.
The bucket bag is stylish and at the same time very practical, as it can be opened easily and depending on the size you choose, you can fit everything you need in your bag.
You can either carry the bag in your hand, or wear it over your shoulder, the chain of the bag over your shoulder is like jewelry and makes the bag the perfect accessoire to give the finishing touch to your outfit.

Here are some models we like very much:
left bag: Lambskin inlaid golden chain N°2261, Size small (approx. 15cm high, 20cm diameter)
right bag: Lambskin golden initials N°2265, Size medium, (approx. 20cm high, 20cm diameter)
What we like about these two bags, ist that they are very simple, in timeless black, and the golden details and chain make it classy and elegant.
left bag: Lambskin giraffe print on sheep fur N°2260, Size small (approx. 15cm high, 20cm diameter)
right bag: Goatskin Sheep fur N°2277, Size small (approx. 15cm high, 20cm diameter)
The combination of leather and fur gives the bag a rebellious chic, and the contrast between the two materials is an eye-catcher.

The above described bags are Tailor made and are only manufactured upon request.

Custom made bag
The aztec pattern is very sought after these days, so whoever got this bag is very lucky and has the perfect accessoire for this season and probably for many years to come.
If you take good care of it, it is also the perfect companion for the upcoming festival season.

Custom made bag
This bag also comes with the aztec pattern, the dark grey/black and white pattern is very chic and the small red part as a touch of colour is the cherry on top.
Even though we like them all, this one is our personal favourite.

This year there will be a Fall/Winter Collection, these bags will be available online and in selected stores:
Fall / Winter Collection 2014

Thanks to the many different styles, every woman surely finds one she likes and that can be her new fashionable constant companion.
If that is not the case, you can visit her in her atelier, and she will make a custom-made bag just for you.
All the bags are designed and manufactured in Paris.

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