Tuesday, 1 April 2014

BOSS watches BASELWORLD 2014

We had the opportunity to get a presentation of the 2014 BOSS watches collections and would like to show you our favorites:

The DRIVER'S WRITS is a watch for the modern and fashion conscious man with a passion for cars and their design. The DRIVERS watch was designed in dependence on the elements of a car, as you can see very good on the picture. The watch strap reminds of peccary gloves, with the little holes that allow your skin to breath through the watch strap, and the clock face elements remind of a cars speed indicator.

We liked the rectangular architecture watch a lot (right watch on the picture), because of the retro look and the 30ies look. It is a watch for men of every age, as it can be worn for nostalgic reasons or also because one just has a flair for the style of the 30ies.
Even if just because of the shape, the watch is an eye catcher and can be worn as a statement of style, casually and also for special occasions. Also we like the crocodile embossed leather bracelet a lot.
On the left side, you can find this seasons trend colors as the pastel-colored clock face and the rose-gold details, which is also a beautiful watch.

For the women there is the very elegant SLIM ULRA MINI watch which is a small version of the SLIM ULTRA model. It is very chic and can also be worn casually or for special occasions. It is a watch for the autonomous and confident women who knows what she wants in life and knows how to make an appearance.

The new watches from BOSS orange, have the names of Metropolises, so this is the perfect watch for the young and open minded who like to travel around the world.
This is the model "London" which we liked immediately, because for us this watch represents London very good, with the leather strap, for the vintage touch and the neon colors which for us stand for the energy and passion of the city.

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