Wednesday, 2 April 2014


Bomberg watches are for the confident, modern man, who wants to rise above the masses and has a passion for live and style.
You can see in their advertisements, that the new collections have a rebellious and fashionable touch, and also the showroom was not like the other watch companies showrooms, but more like the apartment of a south american rock & roll star, with large leather couches and wooden detail. The atmosphere in the showroom was very casual and we felt comfortable immediately.

The 1968 collection are asymmetric watches that are an eye-catcher because of their special shape, but still as classy as a classic watch. It is a very stylish watch with a strong design, that can be worn for business, to complete your everyday look or also for a special occasion. If you own one of these watches, you have the perfect accessoire to give the finishing touch to almost any look. It is very comfortable to wear.

The BOLT-68 collection is very innovative and convincing with the perfect mix of style and class and endless possibilities to wear it, due to a mix and match clipping system. The BOLT-68 collection is based on quality swiss movements, the watch's case can pivot and slide back, which opens you a whole new world of possibilities to use it.

You can either combine it with one of the many different watch straps (different colors, shapes, with skull details and many more), or wear it on one of Bombergs fashionable watch chains. There is a simple chain available, or also (very typical for the brand) chains with skulls, where the first skull has amethysts as eyes.
This stone is the perfect choice, the amethyst being a stone of power and also protection, which is a perfect fit for these powerful watches.

The BOLT-68 collection includes 25 high-quality stainless steel models, available as Automatic Chronograph, Quartz Chronograph or 3 Hands GMT quartz. The watches are available in many different colors and as mentioned above, there are endless possibilities to combine and use them. Some are simple, elegant and classy, others have a more rebellious chic.

Certainly this is a brand for the man who's not afraid to show his style and passion, wearing a watch from an outstanding modern brand with strong and special designs.

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