Monday, 31 March 2014

Tirisi Jewelry & Tirisi Moda BASELWORLD 2014

What we like best about Tirisi is the endless possibilities you have to mix and match your items from both the Tirisi Jewelry and the Tirisi Moda Collection.
The beautiful leather bracelets come in many different colors and styles, as for example this year the camouflage or the denim look. We also like the closure with the knot a lot.
You can pair each leather bracelet with charms from every collection, which allows you to create different, personalized and unique looks you love and create your own fashion piece.

Adding a bit of nostalgia, there is the Bohemian Midnight collection, with dark, natural color combinations, beautiful patterns, creating a dreamy and almost mystical atmosphere, which we like a lot. We can imagine how beautiful these pieces will look, in the light of a campfire on a warm and cozy summer evening, somewhere outside in nature.

We like the shabby chic collection a lot, it is stylish and delicate, soft and strong at the same time.

Tirisi is definitely a brand we will keep our eyes on, there are some pieces we immediately fell for. There is something for every taste and every occasion, and especially the possibility to mix and match creates infinite ways of individual fulfillment through the jewelry.

Ice Watch BASELWORLD 2014

We had the pleasure to get a presentation of the newest Ice Watch collections at this years Baselworld.
From all the watches we got to see there today, we picked our favorites to share them with you.

The first collection we want to introduce to you is the 

The Ice Glam collection comes in 10 different colors, Twilight, Urban Chic, Anemone, Carribou, Lotus, Aqua, Pink lady, Wind, Black and White. We like the simple and elegant design of the watch, you can wear it casual with your favorite everyday look, or also for a special occasion. The pastel colors (Lotus, Aqua, Pink lady, Wind) are very fashionable and a must have for the 2014 spring summer look, and the darker colors (Twilight, Urban Chic, Anemone, Carribou) are timeless and elegant. 
The rose gold details add a glamorous touch to the watch and complete the appealing look we loved immediately. As we are used to from the ice watch, the Ice Glam is also incredibly comfortable when you wear it, the rubber is very soft on the skin and not sticky at all. The Ice Glam comes in two sizes, size Small (38mm) and Unisex (43mm).
Our pick: Ice Glam Carribou (4th watch on picture) and Aqua (7th watch on picture)


The Ice-Vintage immediately caught our eyes, with the leather strap and the retro look. It is a beautiful, timeless watch, that could have been worn 50 years ago and is still fashionable today. The Ice-Vintage is for the confident Man or Woman who has a flair for the Vintage Spirit and wants a watch that is modern but also has a touch of nostalgia to it.
The colors are Chrono black, Chrono black bronze, Chrono brown, Chrono sand, Black, Black bronze, Brown and Sand.
The Ice-Vintage comes in two sizes, Size big (48mm) and big big (53mm). It is available in a classic and a Chrono Version.
Our pick: Chrono Brown (3rd watch on picture)


The Ice-Style combines the classic silicone band of the Ice Watches with pink gold steel, which gives it a sporty but still very chic look. It is an absolute eye-catcher that can be worn casually, for business and also for special occasions. The Ice-Style can be combined with almost everything, and you can tell from the look of it, that knowing the time is not the only reason why you want to wear it.
The Ice-Style comes in two models, the first four colors (White, Dark night, Purple, Taupe gray) are unisex size (43mm) and the others (Black, Oxford blue, Forest green, Brown) are size big (48mm).
Our pick: Ice-Style Taupe gray (4th watch on picture) and Forest green (7th watch on picture)


The Ice-Elegance is (as the name already says) a very elegant and chic watch. It is the perfect combination of Vintage-chic and timeless design. The Ice-Elegance has Swarovski elements on the clock face, two models also have the Swarovski elements on the frame, which add the sparkling finish to the already very feminin and elegant watch. We especially like the tortoise look the Ice-Elegance has. 
The Ice-Elegance comes in the Unisex size (43mm) in the colors Tortoise gold, Tortoise rose gold, Pearl gold, Pearl silver, Tortoise full gold, Pearl full gold.
Our pick: Ice-Elegance Tortoise full gold (5th watch on picture)

Of course there are many more great models we could write about, these are the 4 that impressed us the most.

Coming up June 2014:

Thursday, 27 March 2014


As every year, the World Watch & Jewellery Show BASELWORLD has started. We are looking forward to go see for ourselves what's new in the world of Watches & Jewellery.
We will keep you updated with more posts about specific brands.

Origami Flower Star

now we just have to wait for it to dry
(Origami Flower Star with Swarovskis)

half an origami flower star on a wooden frame
(Origami Flower Star with silver studs)

Friday, 21 March 2014

Green is now drinkable

We have all seen the pictures of celebrities drinking strange looking green drinks.
Conscious eating is very important for us, so of course we had to find out about it and try it ourselves.

We have to admit, the healthy mix of (mainly green) vegetables and sometimes fruits is a matter of taste, because first of all it has more fibres than the smoothies we are used to, so you can not drink it as easily, and also because of the fact that it is mainly made of vegetables the taste ist not very sweet.

In almost every green smoothie you find kale and cucumber, also spinach, celery and limes are often part of the shake. To make it sweeter you can add apples, mint or maple syrup.

The shakes are filling and also provide you with important vitamins and nutrients. They increase the fat burning and have a detox effect on your body. That way it is not only healthy, but a real beauty drink
We think it is always a good thing to eat consciously, not only concerning our own health, but also for the environment. Buy as often as possible seasonal and regional products, and try to avoid products with many food additives. That way you can keep your body and metabolism healthy, in shape and young.

our selfmade detox drinks

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Monday, 3 March 2014

Vivienne Westwood Fall 2014 Ready to Wear

For her Fall Collection, Vivienne Westwood once again rummaged in the costume archives at the Victoria and Albert Museum. She is very talented in mixing all her inspirations, personal, cultural and also historical, like in the case of that collection, she took as an inspiration the mid-nineteenth-century work of Charles Frederick Worth, who was and english fashion designer and is considered the father of Haute Couture.
The collection also has south american elements, and is as usual very arty and like nothing else on the runways. The make-up has a touch of fairy-tale and circus and the overall picture is very wild and free, but still a unity.

It seems to us, she manages perfectly to get whatever she has in her head down on paper, and in the end to look exactly like that on the runway. Everything you see is unmistakabls Vivienne Westwood.

Vivienne Westwood and her husband Andreas Kronthaler