Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Isabel Marant pour H&M

Isabel Marant wearing an outfit from her H&M collection

We still have to wait until the 14th November until the Isabel Marant pour H&M is available online and in selected stores all over the world, but you can already now check out all the pieces from the collection online.

If you take a look at the pieces, you find a lot of analogies to her own previous collections, she has made her characteristical pieces appropriate and available for the masses.
What I miss is something like the original Isabel Marant wedge sneaker, I own some of these and absolutely love them, so I was quite surprised that an everyday piece like the sneaker is missing in this collection. Still I'm looking forward to combine my Isabel Marant sneakers with some of the pieces from the Isabel Marant pour H&M collection.
It is so far one of the collaborations I look forward to the most, and I can't wait for the collection to be available in the stores and get my hands on some of my favourite pieces.

Lou Doillon

Constance Jablonski

Andreea Diaconu

After a little research we found out why Isabel Marant did not want a wedge sneaker in her H&M collection. She said in an interview that she loved the wedge sneakers (and she still does), but she was sick of how often and how cheaply they got copied, which is why she did not want them in her collection.

captured - la vie en images

in this rubric we will try to capture objects, moments or places that caught our eyes during the day to share it.
To start, we chose one of our favourite flowers, the precious white orchid.

a sea of white orchids at an orchid greenhouse in Wangen where we go regularly to get our beautiful orchids. It is a wonderful place to go to, you can buy orchids in every colour and style directly from the provider. The staff is very friendly and helpful and its a great experience every time.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Lady Gaga - Artpop

Last week Lady Gaga shared the cover of her new album ARTPOP with her fans all over the world via social media.
The cover was designed by the artist Jeff Koons, and he hand-collaged the typograph on the album himself. The first 500'000 copies of ARTPOP are crafted with LADY GAGA + ARTPOP cut out of hot pink metallic foil and silver foil, so the real Monsters out there better run to get their hands on one of the first 500'000. 

Artpop by Ladygaga, release date 11.11.2013

We think the design of the cover does the name ARTPOP justice, and suits Lady Gaga very well, as she is not only a artist by singing, but also her appearance is one big production of art. Also lately she has been making a name of herself a lot with naked skin, as in the Video where she practices the Abramovic method, so the cover suits her perfectly.

Lady Gaga practicing the Abramovic Method

Monday, 14 October 2013

Truly Zac Posen

Exclusive for David's Bridal, Zac Posen this year presented 3 wedding gowns and 2 special occasion dresses for spring 2014, in a line called truly Zac Posen.
The dresses are enchanting, with hand draped details, beautiful lace and corded elements.
The curve kissing cuts give every bride the romantic, red carpet look she searches for her special day, and all of it in the affordable price range from 850$ to 1350$.
The collection will be available in selected stores and online at in february 2014.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Goodbye Marc Jacobs - Louis Vuitton Spring / Summer 2014 Fashion Show

Now it is definite, The Spring Summer 2014 Fashion show, was Marc Jacobs last collection for Louis Vuitton. It is said, that Marc wants to concentrate more on his own brand in the future. 

We take these news with mixed emotions, as it was him who made LV the world famous brand it is today, also of course we are happy that we will continue to see more of his creativity and love for fashion in his own brand Marc Jacobs. Of course we are also curious who is going to be the new head designer for LV. Rumour has it that it might be Nicolas Ghesquière, former artistic directer of Balenciaga, who left the brand last November. Louis Vuitton did not comment on any of this so far.

Nicolas Ghesquière

Marcs last fashion show contained a lot of elements of his past fashion shows, as the carousel from the Spring / Summer 2012 show, the train station clock from Fall 2012 or the escalators as seen in the Spring / Summer 2013 show.
The whole show was kept in mostly black and dark colours, which gave it a slight touch of a mourning ceremony.
We especially loved the feather headdresses, which was an indian-burlesque mix, but also with a touch of gothic, because of the dark colour. It also reminded us a bit of the black swan.

The collection contained a lot of extravagant pieces, with black feather details, pompous collars and sumptuously embellished jackets.

We loved the harmony of the collection and the attention for detail with the individual pieces, and think it is a fantastic grande finale for Marc Jacobs.
Thank you for 16 years of LV high fashion!

Ysaunny Brito

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Chanel Prêt-à-porter Spring / Summer 2014

The Chanel Prêt-à-porter Spring / Summer 2014 Show was all in the name of Art.
It started with the invitation (see post below), continued with the decor and took its height in the collection itself.

The decor was set up like an exhibition hall with art pieces, all in the name of Chanel of course, some of them with a red dot next to them, to make it look like they are already sold.

We imagine the collection itself is inspired also by painted art, the classic colour chart translated to different pieces of clothing, like jackets, shirts or skirts. The colours are sorted like in a colour circle, in a symmetrical pattern and not just randomly placed on the pieces. Watching the runway show we see the models walking through an exhibition hall, being a part of the art themselfes. 

The element of an artist painting you can also find in the accessoires, some of the bags are designed to look like it has been painted on them with an artists paint brush.

Pauline Hoarau

Neon colours and the geometrical pattern like a patchwork piece make these bags more than just simple accessoires but pieces of art.

Chiharu Okunugi

Cara Delevingne

In the middle of all these new inspirations and elements (as we are used to get from Karl Lagerfeld), we find the iconic chanel masculine cut pieces, the tweed, the pearls as beloved constant elements.
The whole show is an act of transformation, showing that the classic chanel elements like the tweed, can be transformed into almost anything and can be a piece of art. The true art in this collection, was that with all the new elements, the pieces could still be identified as chanel pieces, and in our opinion Karl Lagerfeld did not only succeed, but as usual outdo himself.

true colours - art and fashion

Even though we absolutely love white, life of course is full of colours.
A very good current example for that is the new chanel collection, which was suitably announced with the slogan Chanel Art... on the invitation.

The collection is unusually colourful and arty, but as always very open minded, creative and spirited. One that specially stood out for us was one of Cara Delevingnes outfits. We love the asymmetric cut and the lace detail on the bottom, together with the "chart of colours"-print it is definitely a piece of art.

Cara Delevingne

When we saw it for the first time, it reminded us of a piece that was exhibitioned at the art basel unlimited this year by Rob Pruitt. This project is untitled, he himself says about it that it is miniature versions of larger scale paintings that he has been making. While making these he was thinking about his childhood, when his father used to take him to art museums and was making jokes, that the artists could have drawn faces over their paintings. These paintings evolved by "(...) memories of my father and the trips to the museum, as well as a lifelong love of minimalism, color field painting and work which pushes to the forefront the artist's hand (...)."
Although these paintings have evolved to be (at first sight) very simple, their purpose is to reveal a deeper spectrum of emotions, which can be also said about the above mentioned piece of the chanel collection.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

the beauty of white

white is the purest colour there is.
it is simple but elegant, unimposing but beautiful, stylish in every way.

a white crinkled vase, like an old paper bag, perfect eyecatcher

a symphony of white flowers, with a white painted woodcraft from asia on the wall and a palmtree on abeautiful white pillar

one of our precious self- and handmade origami flower-stars, white with crystal swarovskis

we are..

..a young, free minded and free hearted couple situated in the middle of europe.
we love art in every way there is and dedicate our lifes to it.
here we are trying to share some of our favourite parts of it with you.
we hope you enjoy it and love it as much as we do

make love and art, not war