Thursday, 7 November 2013

Marina Abramović Institute Prototype

We have visited the Marina Abramović Institute Prototype, as part of the exhibition METAMATIC reloaded (23. October 2013 - 26. January 2014) at the Tinguely Museum in Basel.

It is a prototype of the planned Marina Abramović Institute in Hudson.
The visit was a 2 hour stay, with only 4 participants, during which we walked through chambers with different experiences. The installation consisted of 7 chambers, from which the very first one was the reception chamber, where every visitor had to leave his personal belongings and had to dress in the lab coat and the special boots for the Abramović Method. Also we had to sign a contract, saying that we will stay for the next two hours and allowing them to film the participants.

The first chamber of the actual experiment was a short video introduction from Marina Abramović followed by different exercises for the body conciousness. After the first chamber, we were handed ipods and from that part we had Marina Abramović's voice guiding us through the installation. 

In the second chamber, the drinking chamber, we had four containers with water and in each container there was a different mineral stone. 

1: Crystal Quartz: purifying, balancing, activates and modifies the available energies
2: Black Tourmaline: protection against negative energy, spiritual grounding stone, encourages positive attitude, happiness and luck
3: Red Jaspis: reveal guilt, resolve inner conflicts, reduce stress and negative emotions, raise the inner peace and harmony
4: Rose Quartz: the stone of love, pure and unconditional love of every kind, such as family, partner, friend, platonic etc.

Every participant had to choose from one container, and drink his glass as slowly as possible, feeling every step of the drinking process. It was the water drinking exercise, Marina has often described.

Chamber three, the eye-gaze chamber, was based on Marinas performance "the artist is present", it had wooden chairs and mineral stones in the room, and two participants were sitting together, looking at each other.

Chamber four was the electricity chamber, dedicated to Nikola Tesla, where each participant was experiencing electricity, by holding a neon tube, that was illuminated by the electricity coming from a tesla coil in the middle of the room, allowing the participant to become transmitter and conducter of that energy.

In chamber five, the luminosity chamber, every visitor had to lie down on a wooden bed with a blue quartz pillow, it was overall a relaxing exercise.

Before leaving there was the last chamber, the writing chamber, where every participant was instructed to write something about how he expierienced the MAI Prototype. After that we recieved our certificate of completion and were free to leave.

It was a very special and intense experience and allowed us to get a preview from what the participants of the future MAI can expect, even though the two hours were of course too short to really get into the Abramović Method.

We will certainly continue to follow her projects and her work with great interest and admiration.

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