Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Boskke Skyplanter

With the boskke skyplanter you can plant your plants upside down. At first sight it may be irritating, but then it turns out to be a fantastic way to have plants in angles you have never had plants before.
We have been using the skyplanter for a while, and we are very satisfied with it. The watering system works with a little rod, that indicates you when you need to water the plant. A porous ceramic reservoir is connected to the soil, and only releases little amounts of water through diffusion. That way there is no water dropping down. A little net that is fixed on top of the soil, makes sure there is no soil falling down either.
Also it's a good opportunity to have plants when you have pets or children, that makes sure they can not get to your plants.
If you take good care of the plants, they will live as long as plants in regular pots.
Some plants adapt, and will start to grow upwards again, others will keep hanging down. You can find a list of the most suitable plants on the manufacturers website.

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