Monday, 19 June 2017

Art Basel 2017 | looking back

Blum & Poe
Sam Durant
They tried to bury us. They didn't know we were seeds(2016)

The art week in Basel has gone by so quickly and once again we are looking back on a very inspirational, critical, creative, political and colourful week.

Art Basel Artworks:
These are some of the artworks that caught our eyes in the galleries at the Art Basel.

We always love the Art Unlimited, with the huge installations. Every artwork is unique and has its own message. These are some of the works at this years Art Unlimited

We have so many impressions, not only from the art Basel but also from the parallel fairs taking place at the same week.

Beautiful and extraordinary furniture and design at the Design Miami:

The LISTE art fair for young artists and galleries:

The scope art fair at the Clarahuus in Basel:

It was a busy week and full of impressions and we are already now looking forward to next year, when the artworld visits Basel again.

Regen Projects
Jack Pierson

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Art Basel 2017 | Artworks VI

Galerie Haas
Alfred Jensen
There Came into Being - Per IV - Penetration, 1959

Richard Gray Gallery
Andy Warhol
Jackie, 1964

Richard Gray Gallery
Francis Picabia
couple de monstres, c. 1924-1927

Kukje gallery seoul / Tina Kim Gallery New York
Lee Ufan
From Line (No. 790141), 1979

Annemarie Verna Galerie
Ree Morton
Don't worry, i'll only read you the good parts, 1975

Art Unlimited 2017 | Susan Hiller - Die Gedanken sind frei

Susan Hillers' installation Die Gedanken sind frei (thoughts are free) is a sculptural display of 100 political songs from different cultures, political movements and eras she had personally collected. In the middle of the installation stands a customized Wurlitzer "one more time" walnut juke-box that plays the songs.
The visitor can either select a song or listen to the choices of others. The walls of the room are covered with the lyrics of each song and next to the headphones there is a fully illustrated Song book filled with the lyrics, texts and images selected by the artist.
We think this is a wonderful work as music can unite people and the songs are now more relevant than ever. Sitting in her installation and listening to the music, every visitor is encouraged to think about the lyrics and the meaning it has for him or her.

Art Unlimited 2017 | Gabriel Kuri - shelter

Gabriel Kuri's shelter is one of his largest installations so far, consisting of an inventory of oversized possessions.
The themes of the installation are shelter, economics, disaster and housing, themes that are nowadays as current as ever especially in light of the ongoing international refugee crisis.
We like how this installation tells us a story and confronts us with the different aspects of possession, clothes, money, a place to sleep etc.

Art Unlimited 2017 | Marwan Rechmaoui - Blazon

In Blazon Marwan Rechmaoui was inspired by the geography and complex multicultural history of Beirut reflecting on themes of urbanization and contemporary social and behavioral demographics.
For this work he created a coat of arms and banners corresponding to each city district.
With his work, he helps the viewer to understand the city in a way that goes beyond the constructs of maps and boarders, with everything that shook and shaped the city.

Art Unlimited 2017 | Sue Williamson - Messages from the Atlantic Passage

Sue Williamson's Messages from the Atlantic Passage is a very impressive and thought-provoking installation based on accumulated records of the history of slavery from the 16th to the 19th century.
Rope fishing nets are suspended from the ceiling above pools and there is water constantly dripping from the bottles down into the pools. Each of the fishing nets is filled with glass bottles that contain traces of earth. Each bottle is hand-engraved with information about a different slave, like the name, country of origin, a ship, a plantation, an owner, a price.
Without even knowing a number the amount of bottles is huge, and while looking at it we all know that this is not even a fraction of the actual number of people affected by slavery which makes the artwork even more oppressing.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Art Basel 2017 | Artworks V

Richard Gray Gallery
Jim Dine
Dogwood Spring, 2008

Bärbel Grässlin
Albert Oehlen
Ohne Titel, 1989

Bernard Jacobson Gallery
Sam Francis
Blue Balls (SF62-128), 1962

Galerie Karsten Greve AG St. Moritz
Joan Miró
tête de femme, 1966

Julian Schnabel
Untitled, 2015