Thursday, 14 September 2017

Theater Basel | Lucio Silla

The first premiere this year is Mozarts opera Lucio Silla, written by him at the age of only 16 years old. The story is about the dictator Silla who is obsessed with Giunia, the daughter of his murdered opponent. Giunia feels nothing but hate and disgust for him, not only because he has murdered her father, but also because he has damned her fiancé Cecilio to exile.
Together with Cinna, Cecilios friend, they plan to murder Sillo and end his dictatorship to free the people of Rome and make it possible for Giunia and Cecilio to finally be together.
The music was absolutely wonderful and was captivating from the first minute, the orchestra was fantastic and the singers brilliant.
Not only the solo singers were amazing but also the choir was very powerful and had an incredibly strong presence on stage.
Lucio Silla is a story about love, hate, tyranny and power and the involvements between the different characters keep the story exciting until the last scene.

musical direction: Erik Nielsen
production: Hans Neuenfels
stage: Herbert Murauer
costume: Andrea Schmidt-Futterer
light: Stephan Bolliger
choir: Michael Clark
dramatic composition: Henry Arnold

Sarah Brady as CELIA, SILLA's SISTER
Matthew Swensen as AUFIDIO
Mirjam Karvat, Mukdanin Daniel Phongpachith as THE TWO MASKED

choir of the Theater Basel
symphony orchestra Theater Basel

©picture: Sandra Then

Sunday, 3 September 2017

LUSH | mask of magnaminty

The LUSH mask of magnaminty is a multi-purpose mask that can be used for the body and for the face. It contains many very effective natural ingredients like honey, kaolin, peppermint oil and Organic Ground Aduki Beans. The mask has a slight peeling effect when you wash it away and if you want to use it on your body it is best to use it before taking a shower.
The honey has an antibacterial effect and the peppermint oil stimulates the skin, making it look radiant and refreshed.
We like the texture of the mask of magnaminty, it feels cool and refreshing on the skin and the exfoliating effect while washing it away revitalizes the skin.
The skin feels refreshed, purified and soft after using the mask and we like the fresh scent a lot.
Our LUSH mask of magnaminty is self preserving.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

bepure | beautiful hair - hair oil

The "beautiful hair" hair oil by bepure is an intense hair oil with natural oils from the highest quality.
It is based on avocado oil and prickly pear seed oil that smooths and repairs the hair and the lavender, bergamot and swiss stone pine essential oils do not only create a wonderful natural and fresh scent but are also very beneficial for the hair by purifying, detoxifying and calming it.
A little goes a long way and the hair oil is very light and doesn't put any weight on the hair.
The scent is absolutely wonderful and it lingers on the hair without being too intense.
Also we can feel that the hair oil immediately nourishes and hydrates the hair, leaving it soft and with a natural shine, the hair-ends are smoothened and look and feel healthier after using the hair oil a few times.
Of all the hair oils we have tried so far, the "beautiful hair" hair oil is our favourite.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Charlotte Meentzen | flower day cream with uv protection

The Charlotte Meentzen flower day cream with uv protection is a moisturizing day cream that balances the skin and protects it against UV radiation.
It has a very soft texture and soaks into the skin quickly, leaving it smooth, nourished and hydrated.
After using it the skin feels incredibly soft and cared for.
The scent is very tender, a bit floral and very fresh.
We think it is a perfect product for the hot summer days as it cares for the skin very gently and due to the light texture it feels very comfortable on the skin on hot days, the UV protection being another benefit for the skin.
The flower day cream contains lime blossom extract and many more highest quality natural ingredients and is vegan.